COSMOS: Possible Worlds—Neil deGrasse Tyson with Bill Nye - 92Y, New York

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COSMOS: Possible Worlds—Neil deGrasse Tyson with Bill Nye

Mar 9, 2020

Neil deGrasse Tyson—astrophysicist icon, Hayden Planetarium director, and host of National Geographic’s COSMOS—together with the great science popularizer Bill Nye—joins us on the evening the most beloved science franchise on the planet makes its highly anticipated return to television.

COSMOS: POSSIBLE WORLDS carries the torch forward with a wonder-filled odyssey through humanity’s past and present. Created, executive produced, directed, and written by Ann Druyan and hosted by Tyson, the show transports viewers to lost worlds and others yet to be revealed by science. Following a screening, Nye and Tyson talked about the making of the series and its state-of-the art visual effects, the legacy of the visionary Carl Sagan, and, in Tyson’s words, “our eternal search for answers about ourselves in the universe.”

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