Chris Gethard in Conversation with Shannon O'Neill (Full Talk) - 92Y, New York

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Chris Gethard in Conversation with Shannon O'Neill (Full Talk)

May 22, 2016

Proudly self-described as "the weirdest, and often saddest, talk show on television,” Fusion’s “The Chris Gethard Show” doesn't shy away when things get weird.

[Watch our behind-the-scenes video backstage at The Chris Gethard Show]

Veteran improviser, actor and comedian Chris Gethard (“Broad City,” “The Office”) throws in games, audience participation, calls-ins and more interactive madness — creating “an often riveting experiment in seat-of-your-pants broadcasting” (The New York Times). Join Gethard for a laugh-out-loud conversation on his show and his anarchic brand of comedy. Hold on to your seat — who knows what’ll happen!

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