Bill Scheft with Susie Essman: Everything Hurts - 92Y, New York

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Bill Scheft with Susie Essman: Everything Hurts

May 20, 2009

Bill Scheft appears with Susie Essman as part of our Funny People series to talk about his book Everything Hurts, being a writer for Late Show with David Letterman, Richard Simmons, the difference between his mother and father, and much more. Bill took to his blog to write about the night:

"You know, when everyone tells you it couldn't have gone any better, when your agent (who reps among others, the great Michael Chabon) tells you she doesn't remember a better book event, when someone leaves a message and says she wishes the interview had been three hours rather than an hour and a half, even the self-loathingest alternator in your hard-wiring has to admit that things went okay. And by you, I mean Jay McInerney..."

Scheft was a guest on Late Show a month prior to promote the book and, lucky for us, plugged his 92Y talk which prompted Letterman to comment, "That's a good gig, isn't it?" Scheft agreed and went on to list some of the "events and symposia" held here that he is fond of, like “The Lighter Side of Bernie Madoff, Kabbalah for Gentiles, and my favorite, My Mother My Type."

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