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National Geographic's Barkskins—Marcia Gay Harden, David Thewlis and Elwood Reid in Conversation with Variety’s Jenelle Riley

May 18, 2020

The stars and creator of National Geographic's Barkskins—Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden, David Thewlis, and Peabody Award winner Elwood Reid—join us one week before the Memorial Day premiere of the electrifying new eight-part limited series. Based on the New York Times’ bestselling novel by Pulitzer Prize winner Annie Proulx, Barkskins examines the mysterious massacre of settlers in the vast and unforgiving wilds of 1690s New France that threatens to throw the region into all-out war. It’s a tale of exploration, adventure, and ambition among dreamers and fighters—some with a utopian vision of the world, others crass and conniving, but all navigating the perils of a treacherous new frontier. Don’t miss what is sure to be a fascinating conversation, as Harden, Thewlis, and Reid talk with Variety’s Jenelle Riley, about the show’s exploration of survival in an uncharted world and what it took to bring the 17th century back to life.

Marcia Gay Harden

Academy Award-winning actress Marcia Gay Harden has been critically acclaimed for her performances of figures as far-ranging as Ava Gardner …

David Thewlis

David Thewlis is one of the UK’s finest and most reputable actors, with a career spanning over 30 years …

Elwood Reid

Barkskin’s creator, showrunner, executive producer, and writer Elwood Reid created and was the showrunner of FX’s Peabody Award-winning series The Bridge

Jenelle Riley

Jenelle Riley is the Deputy Awards and Features Editor at Variety. She has received three Emmy Awards for her work …

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