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Bari Weiss and Deborah Lipstadt on anti-Semitism today

Feb 11, 2019

"I had a professor in graduate school, Ben Halpern, who used to say, 'The one place that the far right and the far left meet is in their hatred of Jews.' "

Bari Weiss and Deborah Lipstadt have a penetrating discussion about anti-Semitism today, discussing Representative Ilhan Omar's recent remarks, Jeremy Corbyn, and more.

"Let's talk about Ilhan Omar's tweet...if it's anti-Semitic, and what that whole episode signifies," Weiss began.

"A, it was clearly anti-Semitic. There was no question about it," Lipstadt responded, adding, "I don't put much stock in her apology."

As the conversation turned to anti-Semitism here and abroad, Lipstadt had this to say:

I think for people like Jeremy Corbyn and those around him, for people like Representative Omar, for Representative AOC, as I guess she's called here in her home town, and for others like that, for some progressives, political progressives, their view of the world is refracted through a prism. Prisms bend light if you remember your high school science.

That prism has two facets. Ethnicity and class. They look at Jews and they see white people, which is ironic because the guy who came into Pittsburgh and committed the massacre, the murderer, saw Jews ruining the world for white people, but that's two separate views. They see white people and they see privileged people. So they say, 'If you're white and your privileged, there's no way, it's categorically impossible for you to be a victim of prejudiced. Therefore, your claims about anti-Semitism must be a shield, a foil for something else. Ha ha, Israel.'

On top of that, certainly someone like Jeremy Corbyn and I think representative Omar also and some of the others, even though they're much younger than Corbin, they say, 'You're accusing me of being prejudiced? You're accusing me of being anti-Semitic? That's impossible.' Jeremy Corbyn always posts about his mother having marched at Cable Street, which is the anti-fascist marches. 'I imbibe liberalism and anti-prejudice with my mother's milk, representative Omar, I was victim of prejudice, I was a refugee. It's impossible for me to be prejudiced.'

So A, it's impossible for me to be prejudiced. B, it's impossible for you to be a victim of prejudice. Something else is going on. The minute you hear the money thing, warning bells should go off.

Watch full video of the program, here.

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