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Andrea Martin with Nathan Lane: Andrea Martin’s Lady Parts

Sep 14, 2014

Join award winning actress Andrea Martin as she discusses her new memoir, Andrea Martin’s Lady Parts with good friend Nathan Lane. A not-to-be missed conversation on the triumphs and challenges, both professional and personal, of a lifetime in show business, including lots of laughter along the way. Here's a clip with Andrea talking about the different titles she considered for her book.

Here are 5 things we learned about her that night.

  1. She is not Canadian. Born in Portland, Maine, Martin is often perceived to be a Canadian native because of her comedy routes with the award-winning sketch show SCTV and continued success in the region.
  2. Martin flies to Atlanta to get her hair cut. She’s got a hair stylist who she trusts and, what can we say, she’s just a loyal gal.
  3. Steve Martin suggested her memoir should be titled Perky Tits. The comedienne actually wanted to go with the title, but was told that Costco wouldn’t put the name on its shelves. Nathan Lane’s partner came up with Lady Parts. Watch that clip.
  4. Martin’s father never knew how to praise her acting. After numerous criticisms of her on-screen appearance, Martin asked her dad why he focused negatively on her looks and not her acting. He revealed that he didn’t understand acting, so he didn’t know how to express his feelings on it. From then on, the two came to an understanding and her father always complimented her on her performance, whether he liked it or not.
  5. The audience was vocal about how fabulous the actress looked, and showered praise upon her when Martin revealed she is 67 years old. A patron asked about her love life and she said she isn’t dating anyone. Martin then shared, much to the audience’s delight, that when she was 59, she dated a 28 year old.

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