92Y Food Summit - 92Y, New York

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92Y Food Summit

Nov 9, 2019

Rachael Ray … Deb Perelman … The Pollan Family … The Food Network’s Katie Lee … Women on Food’s Charlotte Druckman … Food & Wine’s Kat Kinsman … The New York Times’ Julia Moskin … Balaboosta’s Einat Admony and more!

Get up close and personal with some of the most dynamic and influential figures in the culinary world. We’ll be talking food from every perspective with the chefs, bakers, entrepreneurs, writers, mavericks, and others at the center of it all. From spotlights on innovation and burgers once thought impossible, to balancing the thrill of the delicious with social responsibility, to how immigrant chefs are transforming American cuisine, to what you’ll be eating in 2020, join us for this tantalizing think tank for food lovers.

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