2016 Parenting Conference - What You Bring to the Table - 92Y, New York

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2016 Parenting Conference - What You Bring to the Table

Apr 17, 2016

Whether it’s tough love, a sense of humor, homespun wisdom or just an ear to listen, every parent brings something to the proverbial table — and what you bring to it makes a big impact on your children’s lives.

Get some clarity on what you’re bringing — and whether you should start bringing more — at 92Y’s Parenting Conference on April 17. The lineup includes top parenting experts with a range of expertise: Michael Thompson, Kyle Pruett and Hank Azaria on Fatherhood, Anne Fishel on the importance of storytelling and conversation (especially at the dinner table) — and JoAnn Deak on the difference between how girls and boys think, and the science behind it.

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