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After-School Enrichment & Remote Learning Support Programs

For Grades K-9


Mon-Fri, 1-5:30 pm
A new, in-person enrichment program.

Clubhouse, a new pilot program, is offered daily, Monday-Friday, from 1-5:30 pm, and is open to children in grades K-3. You may sign up for one or more days per week.

Each day features schoolwork time, when your child will participate in their school’s remote learning program with the support of trained 92Y staff members. The remote learning sessions and homework help take place in our college dorm-style facilities, with staff supervising every two rooms.

Children will be grouped by age group in small cohorts. Each day, children will participate in two elective enrichment activities, led by 92Y expert instructors. Electives include Swim, Gymnastics, Parkour and/or Ceramics. There will also be times for snack, outdoor play, arts and crafts or STEM and group games.

Sample Schedule

1 pm Open Play and Remote Learning Support
2 pm Swim (Instructional or Free)
3 pm Snack
3:30 pm Parkour
4 pm Outdoor Play
5 pm Arts and Crafts or STEM
Daily Electives:
Monday Instructional Swim, Parkour and Ceramics
Tuesday Parkour and Gymnastics
Wednesday Instructional Swim and Gymnastics
Thursday Instructional Swim and Gymnastics
Friday Parkour and Free Swim


$120 per day

Health & Safety: Know Before You Go

Please review our clubhouse reopening flyer before arriving for your first day of clubhouse. We take the health of your child with the utmost seriousness and have put in place extensive measures to ensure the safety of our facilities, which you can read about. All parents will be required to complete a health survey for their child each morning. Everyone will have a health screening including temperature check upon entering the building, and masks must be worn at all times except when eating, drinking or swimming. Program spaces will be sanitized throughout the day and in between group sessions.

Clubhouse 2020 Registration


Clubhouse: Mini Camp

Grades K-3
Thu, May 13

Join us for a full day at Clubhouse while having fun, staying active, and safe! The day will feature Parkour, Swim, Gymnastics, STEM, Arts and Crafts, Outdoor Play, and more! Children will also participate in games where they will socialize with their peers.


Clubhouse: June Mini Camp

Jun 14-18 & 21-25

Whatever a child’s passion may be, Private Prep’s interactive enrichment classes can spark curiosity and creativity while helping children grow, learn, and expand their knowledge base. Our approach is interactive, multisensory, and creative — incorporating hands-on learning through academic games and activities. In collaboration with 92Y’s Clubhouse, students will have the chance to kick back in the afternoons and participate in exclusive Parkour, Gymnastics, Athletics, or Ceramics classes, as well as enjoy Outdoor Play and Arts and Crafts.

If you have any questions, please email or call 212.415.5573.



Clubhouse Scholarships are available and are need based. All awards are partial. For information about scholarships and to receive an application, email Beth Teitelman, Director of Scholarship Services, or call 212.415.5699.

Refund Policy for Clubhouse

Participants understand that, notwithstanding 92Y’s cleaning and disinfecting protocols and procedures in conformance with applicable State and Federal regulations, orders, laws and guidelines, 92Y cannot guarantee that its facilities or other individuals present in them are free of the COVID-19 coronavirus, and thus there is a risk involved with entering 92Y’s facilities relating to exposure to COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, and the participant and their families could potentially be exposed to these risks by participating in activities at 92Y. By registering for and / or attending any 92Y program, participants, on their own behalf and on behalf of their heirs, successors, assigns, agents and representatives, voluntarily release 92Y and its officers, directors, employees, contractors, volunteers, agents and representatives (“92Y Parties”) from any and all claims, demands, causes of action or liability for any loss, damages, injuries or death (including but not limited to those caused by, arising from or related to COVID-19) that the participant or their families may suffer as a result of entering or participating in or use of 92Y’s facilities, equipment, services or activities, whether the same arises out of or results from any act, omission or conduct of any of the 92Y Parties, negligent or otherwise.

In the event that some or all of the meetings of the Clubhouse program cannot happen in person at the 92nd Street Y, programs will be held at the scheduled time in a virtual format via a video conferencing platform. The program will continue through hands-on, at-home activities. Parents will have the choice of either morning activities and homework help or to opt into Virtual After School for the days that Clubhouse is running as virtual. No refunds will be issued should any portion of Clubhouse be held virtually.

92nd Street Y is not responsible for providing make-up classes or issuing refunds for programs missed as a result of illness, emergencies or other events beyond our control.

If your child is unable to attend, you may contact Customer Care prior to the date of registration for a receipt that enables you to claim your contribution as a tax-deductible gift.

Contact Us

For more information, email the After School and Camps Team.