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Adriana Rostovsky was born in 1976 in Montevideo, Uruguay. Today she lives in CT and works in NYC. Adriana trained as an architect with focus on sustainability. In the late 90’s, she decided to establish her residence in Holland, where she studied art. She has been engaged on an international basis in many interdisciplinary projects—with focus on sustainability—in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Holland and Portugal. Her combined media artwork has been in group and solo exhibitions in Uruguay, Holland, Fairfield County, CT and New York City.

Rostovsky has also developed children's programs for private institutions and the Public Library, with the objective of connecting children to their surroundings. The programs are designed to encourage each child's imagination while expanding their innate creativity. She is currently teaching collage-mixed media for adults at 92nd Street Y. Through these programs she provides her students with guidelines to explore the use of different materials, encouraging them to be critics of their own works of art. Her ultimate goal is that her students will become deeply engaged in the process of thinking about and defining their own personal and individual artistic expressions.

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