Departments & Staff

Executive and Senior Leadership

Executive Leadership

Henry Timms, Interim Executive Director
Eric J. Lange, Director of Human Resources
Alyse Myers, Director of Strategic Marketing and Business Development
Jim O'Hara, Director of Finance/Administration
Catherine Reed, Director of Development

Senior Leadership

Rabbi Dan Ain, Director of Tradition and Innovation
Hanna Arie-Gaifman, Director, Tisch Center for the Arts
Ellen Birnbaum, Director of the Nursery School
Chris Bynum, Director of Theater Operations
Cornelius Cadigan, Director, IT
Christine Chen, Director of Adult Programs
Sandra Cohen, Director of 92YResidence
Elizabeth Costa, Director of Foundation, Corporate and Government Support
Melissa CroninDirector, Special Initiatives 
Asha Curran, Director, Center for Innovation & Social Impact
Kent Davidson, Director, Center Marketing & Customer Care
Stacey Eisler, Director, May Center for Health, Fitness & Sport
Susan Engel, Director, 92Y Talks
Alison Gardy, Director of International Relations
Chris Gaul, Capital Campaign Coordinator
Larisa GelmanDirector of Educational Outreach
Robert Gilson, Director, School of the Arts
Kevin Green, Director of Security
Beverly Greenfield, Director, Public & Media Relations
Howard Levine, Director of Digital Innovation & Creative Strategy,
     Claire B. and Lawrence A. Benenson Director,
     Milstein/Rosenthal Center for Media & Technology

Marissa Reibstein, Director of Special Events
Fretta Reitzes, Director, Lillian & Sol Goldman Family Center for Youth & Family
Judith Rubin, Controller
Alan Saltz, Director of Camps
Charles Velotta, Director of Labor & Employee Relations
Elizabeth Weisser, Director of Customer Relationship Management

Heather Jakub Matos, Executive Assistant

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Catherine Reed, Director of Development

Susan Caplan, Director of Nursery School Development
Rebecca Boutis, Board and Development
Deborah Wells, Development Executive Assistant

Individual Giving

Michelle LeMay Santiago, Director of Individual Giving
Vanessa C. Crews, Associate Director of Individual Giving

Leslie Meyers, Development Officer
Marsden Rowell, Individual Giving Associate
Steve Dercole, Manager, Direct Mail and Web Giving
Hera Javaid, Direct Mail and Web Giving Assistant

Foundation, Corporate & Government Support

Elizabeth Costa, Director, Foundation, Corporate and Government Support
Jessica Evans, Grants Manager
Andrea Petrini, Grants Manager
Lori White, Grants Manager
Emily Snider, Development Associate

Special Events

Marissa Reibstein, Director of Special Events
Zahra Merali, Deputy Director of Special Events

Bonnie Besner, Special Events Associate

Development Operations

Carla Moy, Development Manager
Katie Deautriell, Development Database Coordinator

International Relations

Alison GardyDirector of International Relations
Mayola Charles, Assistant to the Director of International Relations

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Marketing & Business Development


Alyse Myers, Director of Strategic Marketing & Business Development
Miryam Greene, Executive Assistant/Special Projects Manager
Kelly Kyi, Office Manager


Digital & Creative Services


Howard Levine, Director of Digital Innovation & Creative Strategy,
     Claire B. and Lawrence A. Benenson Director,
     Milstein/Rosenthal Center for Media & Technology

Creative Services

Amy McHenry, Creative Director
Charles Gates, Art Director
Vina Ayers, Senior Graphic Designer
Andrea Policastro, Graphic Designer
Francesca Faber, Graphic Designer
Alexandra Charitan, Graphic Designer
Sherri Holmes, Associate Director, Production

Enterprise Systems

Robert Taulty, Director of Tessitura
Tatiana Jofat, Tessitura Support Manager
Matthew Hanagan, Insights & Tessitura CRM Manager

Web Front End

David K. Meyer, Director of Web & Web Development
Tracy Guyton, Web Production Manager
Lindsey Jones, Web Producer
Matt Spaiser, Senior Web Designer
Kirk Clarke, Web Application Designer
Darren Golda, Web Editor

Social Media & Web Content

Andrew Krucoff, Web Content Director
Paolo Mastrangelo, Senior Web Content Developer
Jesse North, Web Content Manager
Mike Cades, Digital Media Manager


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Elizabeth Weisser, Director of Customer Relationship Management
Lisa Carafagna, Senior Manager, Direct Marketing and List Management

Anthony Merced, Manager, Direct Marketing and Data Integrity

Center Marketing & Customer Care


Kent Davidson, Director, Center Marketing & Customer Care
Brian Orr, Program & Special Projects Associate

Center Marketing

Jennifer Schutzman, Director, Center Marketing
Wendi Weinman, Director, Center Marketing
Sephora Markson Hartz, Assistant Director, Center Marketing
Jennifer Lam, Assistant Director, Center Marketing
Irene Wu, Assistant Director, Center Marketing
Frank Impelluso, Marketing Manager, Tisch Center for the Arts
Eden Gerson, Marketing Manager

Customer Care

Kim Kimball, Associate Director, Customer Care
Felix Rodriguez, Ticketing Manager
Ryan Culver, Administrative Operations Manager
Jean Hector, Christine Washington, Senior Customer Service Associates
Aswana Bardouille, Monique Miller, Nneka Parker, Customer Care Associates
Patty Kerr, Angel Valentin, Sales & Customer Service Representatives


Catherine Pollock, Editorial Director
Cary Gitter, Editorial Manager
Erika Creagh, Advertising & Promotions Manager


Sasenarine Phaggoo, Copy & Mail Room Manager
Shelley Rosenblatt, Assistant


Public & Media Relations


Beverly Greenfield, Director
Andrew Sherman, Associate Director
Sarah Morton, Senior Publicist
Meryl Wheeler, Publicist

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Support Operations / Life Safety & Security


Finance & Administration

Jim O'Hara, Director of Finance/Administration
Judith Rubin, Controller
Nelson Hernandez, Executive Assistant, Finance & Administration


Robert Tofolo, Director of Financial Planning & Analysis
Jenny Look, Senior Accountant
Ilonna Wenzel, Senior Accountant
Joan Zoref, Senior Accountant
Tisha Joiner, Accounts Payable Manager

Rini Cooper, Accountant



Janet Knowles, Assistant

Business Management


Guy Giarrizzo, Business Manager
Kristie Busel, Business Projects Associate


Facility Operations, Construction & Real Estate


Madeline WilsonDirector, Building Services
Miguel Jacobo, Director, Building Systems

Yolanda Butler, Facility Manager
Victor Camero, Facility Manager
Marion Mackey, Facility Manager
Alberto Valentin, Facility Manager
Severiano Feliciano, Mechanic Supervisor
Burnham Harris, Mechanic Supervisor
Jose Perez, HVAC Mechanics Supervisor
Alton Gray, Overnight Supervisor
Sonny Phaggoo, Senior Mechanic
Ashley Taylor, Senior Coordinator

Selvyn Allen, Noel Chin, Richard Greenburg, Ricardo Hemenes, Fred Kennedy, Wilfredo Mejia Casado, Freddy Montas, Eddy Jose Munoz, Kojo Owusu, Raul Paulino, Julius Smith, Julio Wade, Mechanics

Gabriel Sanchez, Robert Torres, Painters

Angel Vega, Receiving Clerk

Jose Ahedo, Evelyn Babilonia, Juan Baez, Santos Baez, Akoto Baffour, Hannah Brown, Edward Campos, Carmen Caraballo, Jared Clark, Anthony Collings, Hector Colon, Kenneth Cottle, Keith Craig, Elsa de la Cruz, Juan Davila, Manuel Davila, Mike Davila, Alejandro Estefany, Jerry Evans, Victor Felix, Kofi Osei Frimpong, Zainab Gindo, Alfredo Gonzalez, George Graham, Ingrid Hernandez, Dwight Howard, Annette Justinano, Napoleon Madray, Bissoondial Manohar, Joshua Marrero, Washington Martillo, Garth Martin, Isidore Matalon, Edgardo Medrano, Orlando Morrison, George Naraidoo, Caleb Ojeda, Michael Russell, Anna Spaeth, Jose Tejada, Luis Terrero, Glasford Thomas, Marilyn Torres, Segundo Vasquez, Jorge Vicens, Patrick Whyte, Zhan Zhang, Porters

Information Technology


Cornelius Cadigan, Director, IT
Bob Fetten, Associate Director, IT
John Lee, Network Systems Engineer
John Gilman, Database Administrator
Jackie Ramos, Associate Director, Telecommunications, User Support & Training
Freddy Rivera, Manager, User Support
Felix Kwong, User Support Analyst


Human Resources


Eric J. Lange, Director of Human Resources
Charles Velotta, Director of Labor & Employee Relations
Paul Hodgkinson, Manager, Recruitment and Compensation
Cliff Owusu, Manager, Benefits & Training
Wahkuna Baldwin-Walker, HR Specialist

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Kaufmann Concert Hall


Chris Bynum, Director of Theater Operations
Andrew DainoffDirector, Rentals and Events
Mark Harborth, Theater Administrator
John Kelly, Technical Director
Eric Appell, Audio Engineer
Nick Pavlik, Archivist
Nancy Kito, House Manager
Eleanor Fitzgerald, Sean Fogarty, Daniel Gallagher, Walt Taylor, Stagehands

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Program Services

Beth Teitelman, Director, Scholarship Services

Bronfman Center for Jewish Life


Karina Zilberman, Director of Jewish Family Life and Culture
Paulette Posner, Director of the Resource Center for Jewish Diversity
Jessie PepperDirector of Administration
Melissa Cole, Shababa Program Coordinator
Dana Gottfried, Events Manager
Rebecca Singer, Israeli Community Manager
Carly Shapiro, Program Coordinator for Jewish Education

Center for Innovation & Social Impact

Asha Curran, Director
Melissa Cronin, Director of Special Initiatives
Kait Sheridan, Director, Partnerships and Programs
Jose OrtizProgram Director, Fellowships

Julie Mashack, Producer

Lillian & Sol Goldman Family Center for Youth & Family


Fretta Reitzes, Director
Elaine Samelson, Administrative Assistant
Juana Lee, Technology Specialist

Parenting Center

Sally Tannen, Director
Christine de Michele, Assistant to Director
Zoraima Abreu-Gonell, Jody Bernstein, Karen Blumberg, Seka Bosanic-Popovik, Alice Dunsker, Wendy Goldstein, Rachel Gourvitch, Gaby Greenberg, Maria Henley, Susan Hershman, Claire Lewin, Melanie Mandel, Liza Natale, Stephanie Ryall-Pineda, Andrea Scannell, Petra Shapiro, Michelle Shoham, Diana Simkin, Lance Somerfeld, Faculty

Nursery School

Ellen Birnbaum, Director
Shereen Rutman, Associate Director
Gail Raybin, Administrator
Tara Kirton, Systems Administrator
Faculty: Jan Abell, David Anderson, Susan Barth, Cela Beznicki, Megan Camillo, Beverly Cione, Cat Corbett, Charlotte Czerw, Terri Dancik, Lora Del Ponte, Barry Goldberg, Heather Kaplan, Lauryn Karmitz, Jennifer Katz, Jacqueline Kristel, Margaret Lacey, Robert Perlman, Lori Plotkin, Brenda Ratliff, Marcia Richer, Lynne Rosen, Beryl Roth, Lindsay Schwartz, Alison Snow, Hannah Sporer, Katherine Sweeney, Andrea Turnowski, Colleen Walsh, Dena Warren, Sarah Wien, Roberta Willenken, Jennifer Zebooker

Camp Programs

Alan Saltz, Director of Camps
Lauren Wexler, Assistant Director of Camps
Joshua Smith, Assistant Director of Camps
Kevin Liu, Administrative Coordinator of Camps
Molly Hott, Director, Passport NYC

Noar After-School Program

Julian Levine, Program Director
Francine Silberstein, Administrative Director
Betty Chung, Program Coordinator

92YServe Teen Center

Joshua Hyman, Coordinator

Nesher Program for Children with Developmental Disabilities

Melanie Mandel, Director

Sunday Science

Helen Conover, Coordinator

May Center for Health, Fitness & Sport


Stacey Eisler, Director
Jennifer Marecki-Alvarez, Program and Partnership Manager

Membership Services

Marisa A. Scotti, Director
Shannon Clancy, Associate Director of Membership Services
Aurea Rivera, Director, Membership Information Systems
Mikki Hayes, Fitness Concierge
Ronald Golden, Membership/Program Cultivation & Retention Manager
Joseph Donoso, Supervisor
Diamond Goodman, Supervisor
Sandie Palacios, Membership Service Agent
Doris Lowry, Data Entry Clerk
Rochelle Lavarco, Receptionist

Membership Sales

Amanda Konigsberg, Director of Membership
Dana Fisch, Jeff Gutierrez, Kristeen Pawley, Membership Consultants


Lane Wineski, Director of Aquatics
Amine Boubsis, Flying Dolphins Head Coach

Children’s Physical Education & Gymnastics

Katera Noviello, Director
Natalie Planes, Associate Director of Children's Physical Education and Head Gymnastics Coach
Debbie Dolnansky, Birthday Party Coordinator

Fitness & Wellness

Karin L. Ruhe, Group Exercise Coordinator

Locker Room

Pasram Somwar, Coordinator
Kemwatty Somwar, Assistant Coordinator
Willie Baez, Parmanan Seenanan, Attendants

Sports Programs

Dan Ourian, Director, Sports/Maccabi

Milstein/Rosenthal Center for Media & Technology


Howard Levine, Director of Digital Innovation & Creative Strategy,
     Claire B. and Lawrence A. Benenson Director,
     Milstein/Rosenthal Center for Media & Technology

Mike Cades, Digital Media Manager


School of the Arts

Robert E. Gilson, Director

Art Center


Anika Selhorst, Director, 92Y Art Center
Allison Valchuis, Manager, Daytime Programs
Katie Shulman, Manager, After-School and Evening Programs


Robert Silverman, Director

Jewelry Center

Jonathan Wahl, Director
Denard Pope, Jewelry Studio Technician

Harkness Dance Center


John-Mario Sevilla, Director
Megan Doyle, Associate Director of Dance Education
Edward Henkel, Associate Director of Faculty & Presentations
Catherine Tharin, Director, Fridays at Noon
Krista Nelson, Production Coordinator, Fridays at Noon
Amber Connors-Merino, Administrative Assistant

School of Music


Yana Stotland, Director, School of Music
Jesse Schiffman, Manager, School of Music
Michael C. O’Day, Administrative Assistant


Charles Simon Center for Adult Life & Learning


92Y Talks

Susan Engel, Director, 92Y Talks
Sue Solomon, Associate Director, 92Y Talks
Jennifer Giunta Hausler, Assistant Director, 92Y Talks
Nathalie Kohen, Program Manager, 92Y Talks
Kristopher Simmons, Program Coordinator, 92Y Talks

Christine Chen, Director of Adult Programs
Alicia Harris-Fernandez, Program Coordinator, Adult Education

92Y Residence

Sandra Cohen, Director
Gail White, Associate Director
Nelva Welcome, Residence Finance Manager
Patrick Bergquist, Residence Liaison
Barbara Heller, Administrative Assistant
Yvonne Kelly, Receptionist
Aracelis Alicea, Antonia Baez, Evelyn Cruz, Raj Hom, Marie Tucker, Housekeepers

Himan Brown Senior Program

Jo Frances Brown, Director
Samantha Donoso, Program Coordinator
Amy Marcus, Nurse
Erica Shein, Esq., Intergenerational Program Coordinator
Renee Septimus, Counselor


Tisch Center for the Arts

Hanna Arie-Gaifman, Director

92Y Concerts


Catherine Cochran, Director of Music Programming

Nathan Scalzone, Production Manager
Clement So, Artistic Administrator
Andrew Preis, Publications Manager

Unterberg Poetry Center


Bernard Schwartz, Director
Ricardo Maldonado, Managing Director
Ava Lehrer, Administrator
Wendy Salinger, Coordinator, Schools Project
Melissa Nieves, Coordinator, Poetry Center/Union Settlement Association Adult Literacy Outreach Program
Nancy Crampton, House Photographer

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