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Henry Chapin is a native New Yorker. He has a BA in Music Composition and Theory and an MA in Arts Administration from Columbia University. Henry has taught music in Vermont and New York, and performed through arts-in-education residencies in New York City public and private schools with the Early Music Ensemble Nottingham Fair. He has also performed and directed numerous seasonal "Revels" productions and continues to Fool in and direct many “Revels” productions coast to coast.

Henry spent summers near Pinewoods Camp, in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where he started learning play-party games and traditional British Isles and American social dancing at 8 years old.

Henry trained and performed as a mime in his own solo show The Suitcase Circus in and around Boston in the 1970s. The muses of song, dance and music cried out louder, and Henry reverted back to being a musician.

Henry began teaching music in Northern Vermont in 1979. He returned to his cultural roots on Manhattan Island in 1984, and taught music at the Bank Street School, Nightingale-Bamford, Rodeph Sholom Day School, Mott Haven Village School, Little Red School House and currently teaches at the Bronx Community Charter School.

In 2000, Henry was appointed the Director of Cultural Arts for Community School District 3 of the New York City Department of Education.

When he is not working to restore the almost-lost art of singing to New York City school communities, Henry calls traditional American Square dances with the Carnegie Hill Band and the Hell’s Kitchen Cookers.

Recently, Henry and his wife Betsy Blachly Chapin co-facilitated Ellen’s Chorus, therapeutic singing sessions centered around terminally ill patients and friends and family.