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Our Director of Athletics, Katera Noviello, is such a fitness advocate, she’s even found a way to add workout benefits to the “freeze” part of your kids’ freeze dance! Here are her tips for maximizing your family dance party:

Turn on your favorite song, and dance! Stop the music at unexpected times, and have everyone hold their pose for 30 seconds or so until you start up the music again. Katera says that even just freezing emphasizes isometric muscle contraction, but she shares these ideas to amp things up when the music stops:

  • LUNGE HOLD (stand in a right lunge for 30 seconds, next time lunge to the left)
  • CALF RAISE (stand in place, but keep your stomach tight and your heels off the ground)
  • TUCK HOLD (get on your back on the floor, hold your heels and shoulders up off the ground in a tuck position for 30 seconds)
  • SUMO SQUAT HOLD (point your toes and knees outwards and lower into a deep squat—try it for 45 seconds!)

Have fun!