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Indoor family exercise routine growing a little ho-hum? Our Director of Athletics, Katera Noviello, shares a terrific idea that adds the fun of game time to the family workout!

Break out the dice from a board game, and take turns rolling them to determine how many repetitions you'll do for each of these exercises:

  • Jumping jacks or skiing jumping jacks (arms and legs move forwards and backwards instead of side to side)
  • Sit-ups (or variations like oblique crunches)
  • Bunny hops (feet together, arms up tall)
  • Frog jumps (squat down, touch your hands to the floor, and jump up high)
  • Push-ups on your knees, wall push-ups, or full push-ups
  • Leg lifts (lay on your back and lift your legs straight up and down)
  • Running in place (if you roll a 5, make your time 50 seconds, and so on)

Everyone should get a few turns rolling the dice. Roll a double? You choose the next exercise!