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92Y Shababa: Crooked Shabbat Candle Sticks

One night, Chana and Jacob were sleeping over at their grandparents’ house, when they found a magnificent blue velvet box. 

The children opened the box, and inside laid a pile of broken pieces. “Chana! What do you think this could be?” exclaimed Jacob. Without saying anything to anybody, they brought the pieces home and started trying to put the puzzle together. It wasn’t until they came back to their grandparents’ attic, that they found a very old note written to their grandparents, stuffed in the bottom of the magnificent blue velvet box.

Dear Bertha and Yankel,
These Shabbat candlesticks are a gift for your wedding.
We love you. Mazel Tov.
Mama and Papa

When Chana and Jacob read the note, they realized that maybe the pieces were the broken candlesticks. They worked hard to rebuild them, and in their haste, the finished candlesticks were put together crooked. They were still the most beautiful treasure that they had ever found. Now every Shabbat evening, the whole family lights the crooked candlesticks together to remember their past and to think about future Shabbat celebrations.