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Find unlimited opportunities to learn online with some of the world’s most in-demand experts from top centers of learning, business and media, museums and art galleries.
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Welcome to the new destination for online learning!

Here you can find unlimited opportunities to learn with some of the world’s great thinkers, most inspiring teachers and in-demand experts. Instead of tests, grades and college credits, you’ll get to explore the subject areas you find most fascinating, together with a community of curious people. Unlike other, rigid academic programs, 92U offers a flexible, dynamic environment to provide you with a lifetime of learning opportunities. From the arts to pop culture to science, history and politics, explore all our categories below. New programs are added regularly!
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92U: The new destination for online learning

92U is the 92nd Street Y’s destination for online adult learning and aims to provide students at all stages of life a broad range of informative, engaging and entertaining learning opportunities with expert professors and teachers. 92U is not an accredited learning institution and does not offer academic degrees or credit for classes. Its open-enrollment policy ensures that classes are available to all.