Spring Gala

May 19, 2014

  • 92nd Street Y was founded on the belief that when people join together to explore the worlds of culture, learning, fitness and fun, their spirits are lifted, their lives enriched, and the whole community is enhanced.

    That belief still lies at the heart of 92Y. We passionately believe that ideas can change the world. Ideas like #GivingTuesday, born here last fall, which spread like wildfire across the country and is now set as an annual day of giving back.

    Every year, more than 300,000 people come through our doors to be part of our community. Millions more, from all over the world, join us online. 92Y’s reach has never been broader.

    On May 19, we came together to celebrate the extraordinary accomplishments of our beloved 92nd Street Y. None of these achievements would be possible without your help. And we, like you, believe the best is yet to come.



  • At 92Y, we believe in the power of faith to inspire, and education to ignite.

    We believe in the unparalleled capacity of community dialogue to change minds, and the unlimited potential of the arts to change lives. As a proudly Jewish institution rooted in Jewish humanist values, we reach out to people of every race, ethnicity, religion, age and economic class and welcome them through our doors.

    Each year, 92Y presents hundreds of experts in conversation about topics ranging from public policy, religion, business and history to literature and the arts. At a time when our culture is often reduced to simplified sound bites, 92Y's thoughtful, extended conversations stimulate social awareness, tolerance and participation in civic life.

    With your help, we can ensure that 92Y’s programs are accessible to all. Philanthropic gifts account for 30% of our budget and make our work possible. Your contributions ensure that anyone looking to expand their knowledge, acquire new skills, or pursuea path of personal growth or inspiration can find these things at 92Y, regardless of their economic status.

  • With your help, we can continue to provide over $1 million in scholarship funding to families, children and the elderly who would not otherwise beable to enrich their lives through 92Y's programs.

    Reaching out to enrich the lives of people in our extended community also takes shape in 92Y's public school arts initiatives. We offer vital access to the arts, literature and science for elementary through high school students through our Educational Outreach Program and Poetry Center Schools Project. Through these programs, students interact with world-class artists, poets, musicians and scientists, receive professional arts education in the classroom and beyond, and discover the power of their own creative voices. More than $1.4 million of our budget each year goes towards these programs, all of which are supported by your contributions.

    With your contribution, you join not only the group of visionary leaders who turned an idea into a reality more than 100 years ago, but a growing group of leaders who have continued to boldly envision 92Y's future for coming generations. Your support is the foundation for 92Y’s future, which will provide opportunities to connect and support a global community that we ourselves cannot imagine.

  • A Message from the President
    and the Executive Director

    Dear Friends,

    A hundred and forty years is a long time—more or less, seven generations. That's how long 92Y has served the community. It's a remarkable achievement that was only possible through the generosity of people like you.

    When the forefathers of this institution laid out their goals, it was to “promote harmony and good fellowship” and “improve the moral, mental, and social condition” of those it served. This is what we have done; with your help, it is what we will continue to do. We have engaged the world, not in any sort of vacuum, but rather always within the context of Jewish values.

    As we are told in Ecclesiastes, generations come and go, but the world remains forever. The founders of 92Y may not have been thinking about the year 2014 when they sat together that first day on March 22, 1874, but they, and those that came after them, held values that needed to be passed from one generation to the next. They knew to how to plan for the long term and sought only the best for the Jewish community and all they served.


    President, Stuart J. Ellman

    Executive Director,
    Henry Timms

  • A Message from the President
    and the Executive Director (continued)

    We continue that tradition tonight—we celebrate our past, present and future. Each of you is investing in programs that are ensuring the vitality of the community for generations to come. 92Y has been relevant for 140 successful years and your generosity is laying the groundwork for another 140 years.

    On behalf of the whole 92Y community, we extend our deepest appreciation to Elena and Scott Shleifer, and Brett and Daniel Sundheim for their leadership. Tonight's evening would not have been possible without their dedication to making a better world. Of course, we also need to acknowledge the full support of our devoted Board members and the work of our committed staff. Their impact on our work could not be greater. We also extend our gratitude to our sponsors, Milbank and Visium Partners, for their participation in tonight's event.

    When in the year 2154, the community looks back they will say two hundred eighty years is a long time. 92Y is still with us and it sure made a difference.

    With heartfelt thanks for your continuing support.

    President, Stuart J. Ellman

    Executive Director,
    Henry Timms

  • A letter from our co-chairs

    Dear Friends,

    We are thrilled to present 92nd Street Y's virtual Spring Gala Journal! As you browse through its pages and read messages from our generous sponsors and donors, please join us in giving thanks to everyone in our wonderful community for their partnership and support in making what we hope will be 92Y's best gala yet, in celebration of our 140th Anniversary! 

    There is no other place like 92nd Street Y. For 140 years, 92Y has inspired people of all ages to laugh, think, debate, rejoice, learn, share and belong. 92Y has put artists on the map, and become a catalyst for fresh ideas, hosted Nobel Prize winners and pioneers in music, culture, politics and business, and parenting. 92Y is one of the most unique institutions in New York City, not just for its countless life-enriching programs, but for its incredibly important outreach efforts to the community. Our mission—to enrich lives, elevate humanity and create community—is now being realized through new technologies like our event livecasts; social media campaigns like #GivingTuesday and the Social Good Summit; and via our new media streaming website, 92Y OnDemand, which has been selected as a prestigious Webby Award Honoree in 3 categories. Thanks to these initiatives, we're now able to reach more people than ever before.

    What's next for 92Y starts now, and of course, none of this could happen without your help. Everything you experience here is made possible because of donations from you, our Friends of 92Y. Without your support, we would not be able to offer the extraordinary breadth and depth of programming you can only find at 92Y.

    With deep appreciation for everything you do.

    Susan and Stuart Ellman

    Elena and Scott Shleifer

    Brett and Daniel Sundheim

  • Past Benefit Chairs


    92Y Spring Gala …
    Featuring Jennifer Hudson

    • Amanda and Jonathan Eilian
    • Libbie and David Mugrabi
    • Jenny and John Paulson
    • Jacqueline and Mortimer Sackler


    92Y Spring Gala …
    Featuring Chicago

    • Debbie and Glenn August
    • Stacey and Matthew Bronfman
    • Harriet and Steven Croman
    • Susan and Jeffrey Goldenberg


    92Y Spring Gala …
    Featuring Earth, Wind & Fire

    • Nina and Mitch Davidson
    • Jackie Harris Hochberg and
      Robert J. Hochberg
    • Mara and Ricky Sandler
    • Tami and Fredric Mack,
      Honorary Co-Chairs


    This One's for You …
    Starring Barry Manilow

    • Jill and Darius Bikoff
    • Lizzie and Jonathan Tisch
    • Caryn and Jeff Zucker


    What the World Needs Now …
    Featuring the Music of Burt Bacharach

    • Helen and Bob Appel
    • Dana and Michael Goldstein
    • Lori and Marc Kasowitz
    • Tami and Fredric Mack


    Come Together:
    Celebrating the Music of the Beatles

    • Cheryl and Michael Minikes
    • Jenny and John Paulson


    Let Us Entertain You …

    • Cathy and Marc Lasry
    • Carolyn and Curtis Schenker


    Coming Soon to Broadway!

    • Stacey and Matthew Bronfman
    • Tami and Fredric Mack


    It Started with a Dream …
    A Celebration of the Life and Music of Cy Coleman

    • Nancy and Jeffrey B. Lane
    • Liz and Oliver Stanton


    130 Years on Stage at the 92nd Street Y

    • Laurence Belfer and
      Joshua Nash


    Comedy Tonight!
    A Funny Monday in New York

    • Martin J. Rabinowitz and
      Jeffrey B. Goldenberg


    New York Serenade:
    An Evening of Song & Dance

    • Michael Goldstein and
      William P. Lauder


    A Family Affair

    • Leni and Peter May
  • Past Benefit Chairs


    Once More with Love:
    Celebrating 125 Years at the Y

    • Judy and John Arnhold
    • Lisa Belzberg and
      Matthew Bronfman
    • Patricia and James E. Cayne
    • Marcia and Geoffrey Colvin
    • Janet Fisher
    • Sherry and Michael Goldstein
    • Joan L. and Julius H. Jacobson II
    • Renée T. and Daniel R. Kaplan
    • Lori and Marc Kasowitz
    • Henry Kohn
    • Juanita and Joseph Leff
    • Tami and Fredric Mack
    • Cheryl and Philip Milstein
    • Harriet and Steve Osterweis
    • Susan and Elihu Rose
    • Jackie and John Rosenthal
    • Judith O. Rubin
    • Ruth S. Stanton
    • Joan and Bob Tisch



    • Jody Gottfried Arnhold
    • Janet Fisher
    • Juanita Leff


    The Longest-Running Show on Broadway: A Musical Tribute to Maurice Levine

    • Lisa Belzberg and
      Matthew Bronfman
    • Tami and Fredric Mack


    Standing Ovations:
    An Evening with the Great Ladies of Broadway

    • Patricia Cayne


    Stride, Stomp & Riffs:
    A Jazz Gala

    • Lori and Marc Kasowitz
    • Jackie and John Rosenthal


    Lyrics and Lyricists:
    The Silver Anniversary

    • Marcia and Geoffrey Colvin
    • Tami and Fredric Mack


    Celebrating Life at 120: Folksongs Plus

    • Jackie Rosenthal


    Folksongs USA

    • Jackie Rosenthal


    Sheldon Harnick:
    Fiddler, Fiorello & Friends

    • Matthew Bronfman and
      Joan Tisch


    Happy Talk: Reflections on Rodgers & Hammerstein

    • Joan Tisch


    Lyrics and Lyricists:
    A 20th-Anniversary Salute

    • Ruth S. Stanton


    Sounds of an Era

    • Ruth S. Stanton


    Gala Benefit Evening

    • Ruth S. Stanton


    A Song for Hope

    • Ruth S. Stanton