Creative Writing and Literature Courses at 92Y

Since 1939, Unterberg Poetry Center audiences have studied with the finest writers in every literary genre.

Our students say:

– My teacher proved especially gifted at meeting students on their level as a point of departure. This course was, and I do not exaggerate, transformational.

– One of the best writing instructors I've had […] She highlighted writers' strengths and choices in places where I would've seen only weaknesses (and thus been unable to learn from them) and focused discussions proactively so that everyone could learn. I got great feedback on my current project, yes, but came away armed with tools that will make my future writing stronger!

For emerging writers, ages 15-18

Your voice matters! The Young Writers’ Workshop is a multiple-genre summer intensive bringing emerging writers together to transform their storytelling and hone their craft.

First-time writer?

Start writing in our open-enrollment workshops! Learn the fundamentals, present your work and receive valuable feedback from your teacher and classmates. Fall courses to be announced later in the summer. No submission required.

Take your craft to the next level

Developing a writing project? Turn the next page of your writing career. Apply for advanced workshops in Poetry, Fiction and Memoir, or a one-session intensive master class.

Students are selected by instructors on the basis of submission. To be considered for a spring workshop, your manuscript must be received by Friday, May 12, at 5 pm.

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For the scholar in you

Revisit your favorite college experience. Join some of the nation's foremost scholars for thought-provoking literary study.

Scholarships available for all classes. For advanced courses, master classes and the Young Writers’ Workshop, scholarship applications must be received by manuscript deadline. For details, visit 92Y’s Scholarship Program.

For questions about the Writing Program, call 212.415.5760 or email us.