Recanati-Kaplan 2017/18 Art Application

Please complete all sections of this application (indicate “N/A” if a question does not apply to you).


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For teachers/mentors:

Please describe the applicant’s experience with his/her chosen artistic discipline. Where has s/he studied and for how long? This may include public or private school education and/or enrollment in after-school programs, camps, etc. Please email the description here and include the child's first and last name.


For students:

Please submit a one-page essay (about 500 words) describing an artist you admire and why. (Please feel free to copy and paste from a word document.)


Please provide us with the name and number of a reference who is familiar with your interests and experience in your chosen discipline.


Show us Your Work!

Students should create a nontraditional self-portrait in any medium to submit with their application. Your self-portrait should reveal something about you as a person. This submission will not be judged by technical merit, alone. This is an opportunity to demonstrate to the selection committee how you approach and resolve creative problems. Specific instructions may be referenced here. Follow the instructions and then upload your work to a hosted site (e.g. Dropbox) and then copy and paste the URL in the field below:


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