Nursery School

Since 1938, the 92nd Street Y Nursery School has provided a warm and creative atmosphere that fosters young children's imagination, curiosity and intellect.

Our program facilitates children's social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth through a curriculum attuned to children's unique patterns of development. We believe children learn best in a well organized program that emphasizes creative expression, provides opportunities for play and encourages respect for others. Our goal is for children to become responsible members of their classroom community and develop the confidence and independence. We are committed to building a strong sense of connection between parents, teachers and children. We firmly believe that communication between parents and the school is essential in fostering young children’s growth. The celebration of Shabbat and Jewish holidays teaches children the joy of Jewish culture and heritage.

A highly experienced faculty trained in early childhood education works with children individually and in groups fostering creative expression through art, music, movement and language.

Enrollment: 171 boys and girls, ages 2.6 to 5 years old.

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The school is housed on the sixth floor of 92Y with nine fully equipped spacious classrooms and a library with an extensive collection of children’s books and resource materials. Two outdoor terraces and a rooftop playground are available for daily outdoor play.


Nursery School

Ellen BirnbaumDirector
Shereen Rutman, Associate Director
Dena Warren, Admissions Coordinator
Gail Raybin, Administrator

Susan Caplan, Director, Nursery School Development

Faculty: Meg Allen, David Anderson, Susan Barth, Cela Beznicki, Beverly Cione, Cat Corbett, Charlotte Czerw, Terri Dancik, Lora DelPonte, Jody Doomchin, Heather Egert, Sam Frankel, Barry Goldberg, Lauryn Karmitz, Joan Kassel, Jennifer Katz-Burk, Tara Kirton, Jacqueline Kristel, Andrea Mansfield, Rebecca Pearl, Robert Perlman, Lori Plotkin, Brenda Ratliff, Jessica Reich, Marcia Richer, Lynne Rosen, Beryl Roth, Lindsay Schwartz, Alison Snow, Hannah Sporer, Katherine Sweeney, Alix Steinberg, Jen Tamchin, Colleen Walsh, Roberta Willenken, Jennifer Zebooker

Updated September 2016.