Mission & History

The Lillian and Sol Goldman Family Center for Youth & Family enriches the lives of children, parents and families from birth to adolescence through formal and informal education, support and recreational programs.

The center is an invaluable resource to the community at large, collaborating with schools, health centers, synagogues and other youth organizations, always with an eye towards the community's needs.

At the very heart of 92Y's mission is its dedication to nurturing the bonds of family and community. Since 92Y introduced its first summer camp in 1903, the organization has established, over the ensuing decades, child care and parenting programs, after-school activity centers, additional camping programs and programs for children with disabilities. 92Y’s Nursery School, founded in 1938, is recognized as one of the foremost early learning centers in the New York metropolitan area and the Parenting Center, created in 1978 to give support to new parents, has become a national model, emulated by community centers around the country.

Raising a family in New York City presents unique challenges. More than 7,500 families rely on the Goldman Center for what few other institutions provide. The Goldman Center is a resource of information, support and a place where families can find friendship through shared experiences. Parents may participate in seminars, lectures and workshops that address common issues and concerns, providing the information they need to make healthy and informed choices for their families.

For young people, the center is a place of self-discovery. Here, children can explore the world around them through each phase of their childhood—from their first preschool experience at our Nursery School to a leadership opportunity in our Teen Community Service programs. The breadth of our programs is supported by a commitment to provide experiences that nurture and enrich every child's mind and body. Teachers, camp counselors and staff members encourage young people to develop their imagination and individual abilities and help them grow in an engaging and constructive environment.

The Lillian & Sol Goldman Family Center for Youth & Family serves 92Y as a whole, providing expertise in child development and staff training with the goal of positively serving children at every level of their involvement with 92Y. The center ultimately strives to transcend traditional family support systems, address current family issues and create a context in which children, teens and parents can develop a strong sense of community.

Mission Statement


Consistent with the established principles and purposes of 92Y, as well as the Statement of 92Y as a Jewish Institution, the Lillian & Sol Goldman Family Center for Youth & Family will promote, foster and contribute to the healthy development and growth of children, teens and families through education, support and advocacy; respond to the changing needs of children, teens and families in the community; and provide an environment that encourages social and individual growth and development by assuming primary responsibility for new programs for children, teens and families. The Center encourages and fosters the development of support systems and networks for youth and family constituents, paying particular attention to the developmental stages of individuals and the dynamics of the family unit.


The Lillian & Sol Goldman Family Center for Youth & Family will:

  • Provide ongoing training for 92Y staff in the following areas:
    - growth and development of children
    - effective and safe use of space and materials
    - working effectively with groups
    - educating parents
    - responding to parental concerns
    - identifying and working with children and families with special needs.
  • Develop and coordinate a reciprocal training package, using the particular expertise of each center.
  • Develop and maintain a resource manual of the skills, certification and expertise of 92Y staff related to children, teens and families.
  • Develop systems using a reciprocal team approach for program development and ongoing evaluation.
  • Define 92Y's role, responsibility and liability in working with children, teens and families with special needs.
  • Evaluate and respond to the growing needs of children and families in the community, with particular attention to the needs of families with school-age children.
  • Develop methods for outreach that consolidate and present the full spectrum of 92Y programs serving children, teens and families.