Staff & Faculty

Henry Timms, Director
Kathleen M. Winslow, Assistant to the Director

Lectures & Adult Division

Asha Curran, Director, Special Initiatives

Leigh Ferreira, Director of Digital Initiatives and Partnerships

Susan Engel, Director, Lectures
Jennifer Giunta Hausler, Assistant Director
Sidney T. Burgos,
Lectures Administrator

Michele ThompsonDirector, Adult Education

92Y Residence

Sandra Cohen, Director
Gail White, Associate Director
Nelva Welcome, Residence Finance Manager
Barbara Heller, Administrative Assistant
Yvonne Kelly, Receptionist
Aracelis Alicea, Antonia Baez, Evelyn Cruz, Raj Hom, Marie Tucker,

Himan Brown Senior Program

Jo Frances Brown, Director
Gina Moffa, Social Worker
Samantha Donoso, Administrative Assistant
Amy Marcus,

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