Karina Zilberman

Director of 92Y Shababa Network

Karina Zilberman founded Shababa in the lobby of 92Y in 2007. She has been leading Shababa until the summer of 2015 when she passed the torch to the amazing Rebecca Schoffer. Karina is now the Director of the 92Y Shababa Network, which engages over 40 Jewish organizations around the world. Her passion for inspiring educators and clergy to find their magic is what motivates her to spread the Shababa joy beyond 92Y’s walls. Karina has been educating though the creative arts since her earliest days as a singer in her native Buenos Aires, Argentina. Prior to joining 92Y, Karina served as cantorial soloist & clergy at Temple Israel of Greater Miami; she sings in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Ladino, Hebrew and Yiddish. She has released six CDs including Sera Una Noche (1998), Karina Zilberman (2000), Drawing Close (2005), and three Shababa recordings – 92Y Shababawith Karina (2008), Shababaland (2012), Shababa of the Heart (2015) featuring favorites from Shababa.