Frequently Asked Questions

What is 92Y?

92nd Street Y is a world-class nonprofit cultural and community center like no other. Through our Talks series, 92Y is a home for candid, thoughtful discussions on the most pressing issues of our time. We offer an outstanding range of experiences in the performing, literary and visual arts for both audiences and practitioners; unparalleled access to celebrated artists, teachers and thinkers; and a place to pursue personal journeys – spiritual, physical or intellectual. As a catalyst and convener, 92Y brings together people and ideas from around the world to achieve greater understanding and to make a positive impact on people’s lives, in both our local and global communities.

More than 300,000 people visit 92Y’s New York City venue annually, and many more join us through digital and social media, live webcasts of events, and an extensive archive of stage programs and original content produced for the web, all available on

A proudly Jewish organization since its founding in 1874, 92Y embraces its heritage and enthusiastically welcomes people of all backgrounds and perspectives. 

Are you affiliated with the YMCA?

No. 92Y is a member of the Jewish Community Centers Association of North America and is an agency of UJA-Federation. Our organization is not affiliated with the YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) or linked to any of the programs or memberships they offer. A proudly Jewish organization since its founding in 1874, 92Y enthusiastically welcomes people of all racial, religious, ethnic and economic backgrounds.

Do I need to be a member to use 92nd Street Y?

92Y does not require membership. Everyone can take advantage of our exceptional programs in the arts and culture, Jewish life and education, health and fitness, personal development, travel, classes for adults, children and families and much more.

What kinds of membership do you have?

92Y offers membership opportunities for some of its centers and programs. You can choose to be a member of the May Center for Health, Fitness & Sport, the Unterberg Poetry Center or the Himan Brown Senior Program.

If you plan to frequent a center or actively participate in a program, membership presents a more affordable way to do so. For example, the May Center offers over 100 free weekly exercise classes to all members.

Members receive access and privileges not only to the program or center they join, but also throughout the entire organization. Benefits for all members include discounts on select classes and events, reserved seating at audience events and much more.

Additional opportunities for club and other memberships are available as well. For more information, visit our Membership section.

How do I order tickets for events?

Tickets for all events can be ordered online, by phone at 212.415.5500, fax at 212.415.5788, in-person at the Box Office or by mail.

How do I become a member of the 35 and Under Program?

To join 92Y’s 35 and Under Program, just purchase a 35 and Under ticket – you will automatically be signed up for the 35 and Under e-News, with great savings, offers and the latest event updates.

For more information, please visit

How do I register for classes?

Class registration can be handled online, by phone at 212.415.5500, fax at 212.415.5788, in-person at the box office or by mail.

How do I make a contribution to 92Y?

There are a number of ways to make a donation, and many areas in which we need assistance. Your support enables us to sustain and maximize our ability to serve the widest audience possible with the highest quality of programs.

Make an online donation or research other ways of giving in our Support 92Y section.

For more information, please call 212.415.5483 or email.

More General Questions

Do I need to be Jewish to participate in programs at 92nd Street Y?

No. 92Y reaches out to people of every race, ethnicity, religion, age and economic class. Anyone who walks through our doors may reap the benefits of our diverse programs.

Is there a schedule of events available online?

Yes. Our events calendar lists all 92Y events including concerts, performances, lectures and readings and allows you to check our programming schedule days, weeks and months in advance.

Are scholarships and financial assistance available for programs and events?

92Y welcomes everyone to take advantage of our programs regardless of economic circumstance. Limited scholarship funds are available to make participation possible for both children and adults who qualify based on financial need. For more information, see Scholarships.

Where can I find information about jobs at 92nd Street Y?

92Y offers employment opportunities in many areas and we are often looking for talented, enthusiastic and capable individuals to join our organization. Look for full-time and part-time postings in our Jobs section.

Do you have biographical information about faculty or staff members at 92Y?

92Y is proud of the outstanding talent and achievements of its faculty and staff. A short biography is available for many instructors, linked on their class pages, and  for program directors and key staff.

Is it possible to rent facilities at 92nd Street Y?

Yes. Our building at Lexington Avenue at 92nd Street has facilities available for all kinds of events, concerts, rehearsals, birthday parties, commercial photo shoots, meetings, classes and lectures. Learn more about facilities rental.

FAQs on Visitor Information

How do I get to 92nd Street Y?

92Y's main facility is located at Lexington Avenue between 91st and 92nd Street on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Travel directions by subway, bus and car.

Please note that programs are sometimes offered in other locations.

Where is parking available near 92nd Street Y?

Discount parking is available to 92Y patrons at the GGMC Garage on 92nd Street between Second and Third Avenues. Have your ticket validated at the 92Y Sales & Customer Service Center in the main lobby.

Do you have a seating chart of Kaufmann Concert Hall?

Yes. For more information about our venue, see Kaufmann Concert Hall.

What are your normal hours of operation and holiday schedule?

For a complete listing of hours for all 92Y locations and a complete holiday schedule, see Plan Your Visit.

Are there wheelchair accessible seats in Kaufmann Concert Hall?

Yes. Kaufmann Concert Hall is equipped with wheelchair access locations and our main entrance at 92nd Street and Lexington is ramped for easy access. For tickets, please inform the Box Office that you will require a wheelchair seat and specify how many (if any) companions are in your party. For more information, see our Accessibility guidelines.

FAQs on Tickets and Registration (includes online ordering)

Are there any processing fees or service charges for events and classes?

Tickets to 92Y events (all catalog codes with a prefix of T) are subject to a $5 service charge per ticket/subscription if purchased by telephone, mail or fax. This fee does not apply to purchases made in person at the Box Office. There is a $2 service charge for replacement tickets.

Classes and workshops are subject to a processing fee based on the total dollar amount of your purchase. This fee is payable via all methods of purchase.

If the total amount of your registration purchase (for classes, workshops and tours) is:
Up to $75, your fee is $7
From $75.01-$150, your fee is $12
From $150.01-$200, your fee is $17
From $200.01-$300, your fee is $22
From $300.01 and above, your fee is $27

What is your refund policy for tickets?

There are no refunds unless 92Y cancels an event. If you are unable to use your tickets, you may turn them in to the box office up to one hour prior to performance time in exchange for a receipt that will enable you to claim your contribution as a tax-deductible gift.

What is your refund policy for classes, workshops & tours?

There are no refunds for tours, classes or workshops that meet fewer than three times per semester. If you are unable to attend, you may contact Customer Service prior to the first date for a receipt that will enable you to claim a tax-deductible contribution for your registration fee.

Unless otherwise noted, the following schedule applies to programs that meet three times or more per semester.

  • To receive a 100% refund, written requests must be received at least two weeks prior to first session
  • To receive a 75% refund, written requests must be received at least one day prior to first session
  • To receive a 50% refund, written requests must be received at least one day prior to second session

After that, refunds cannot be processed.

For more information, see Refund Policy.

How do I apply membership discounts online?

If you are a member of the May Center, Unterberg Poetry Center, Himan Brown Senior Program or the Parenting Center, log in and if eligible, member discount pricing will be unlocked for the appropriate programs. If you are new to the website and have not logged in before, be sure to use the account look-up feature to create your login.

Where can I find my Patron Identification Number (PIN)?

Your Patron Identification Number is numerical and ten characters in length (e.g.-0003560513). The easiest way to locate this is on the 92Y catalog you've received in the mail. On the first line (above your name) is your patron number.

Note: If you picked up a catalog in person from the 92nd Street building lobby, this will not have your PIN number on it.

Patron Identification Numbers are also listed on the confirmation letter you receive after you register for a class or purchase tickets for an event.

If you can't locate your PIN number or need further assistance, please call 212.415.5500 or email.

For how long does my shopping cart hold an item?

All items placed in your shopping cart will be removed when you close you web browser or after the shopping cart timer has expired.

When reserving classes or events, you will have 20 minutes to complete your transaction or be timed out. If you are timed out, the item will be removed from your shopping cart. This practice allows all website visitors to have equal access to 92Y events and classes online.

Are there special group rates available for concerts, performances and other events?

92Y offers group discounts on advance ticket purchases to concerts, lectures, literary readings and dance programs, to name a few. Virtually anything (except classes) can be customized to fit the needs of the group purchasing tickets.

Groups of 10 or more enjoy a 15% discount.

To make group arrangements, contact the Box Office at 212.415.5500. Please note that certain events may not qualify for a group rate.

What is priority registration?

Priority registration puts you at the front of the line to register for new courses and events for an upcoming semester.

Individuals who have participated in 92Y programs over the past year in selected program areas, and those who have made contributions to 92Y through Friends of 92Y, are eligible.

Priority registration is normally mailed two weeks before a course catalog is available.

To find out if you are eligible for Priority Registration, please call 212.415.5420 or email.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Gift certificates can be purchased and redeemed online, in person at our Box Office or by phone at 212.415.5500. Gift certificates can be used for classes, workshops, health & fitness memberships and all Box Office events. Order a Gift Certificate online.


Can I have gift certificates sent to another address?

YES! 92nd Street Y Gift certificates can easily be sent to another person’s mailing address. When asked for additional information, enter in the recipient’s name and then add his or her mailing address for delivery.

Can I have a gift certificate sent by email to me or my gift recipient?

YES! Gift Certificates can be delivered via email to any email address you indicate. Emails can be sent with a short note from you to your gift recipients

How do I redeem a gift certificate?

Certificates can be purchased and redeemed in person at 92Y, during online checkout or by calling customer service at 212.415.5500.

My question still hasn't been answered. Who can I contact?

Check our directory for the appropriate department to refer your question or contact general information at 212.415.5500.

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