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The After-School Scholarship Program enables over 50 talented children per year with limited financial means to take after-school courses at 92nd Street Y in any School of the Arts discipline.

  • Name: Jean-Pierre L’Homme      Age: 13

    92Y Art Center Class: Drawing / 11-14 yrs

    In his own words: “My art class teaches me how to use my creativity. My passion is cartooning—learning from my instructor, he made it easier for me to understand my artwork and my artwork’s meaning. I am so thankful to grow in a great place that sees my talent and helps me to learn and grow.”

  • Name: Marisel Rodriguez      Age: 16

    92Y School of Music Class: Private Voice

    In her own words: “Recently, my teacher and I were talking about how much my voice has grown and changed over the past years. Things like singing high F’s and G’s were beyond impossible for me, and even though I’m still trying to master singing in the high register, I find notes like these easier to sing.”

  • Name: Melody Colon      Age: 9

    92Y Harkness Dance Center Class:
    Modern I

    In her own words: “I love learning different dance moves. When I’m dancing I feel excited, beautiful and free.”


92Y's After-School Scholarship Program aims to widen the pool of students who begin studying an art form. 92Y increases the number of entry points into the arts for our public school students, many of whom demonstrate artistic talent and interest, but do not have the opportunity to learn to play an instrument, study dance or visual art in school.

These programs present high quality learning experiences in the arts for children, while building strong ongoing partnerships with public schools and children's families. Here's how the program works:


  • The After-School Scholarship Program is an opportunity for public school students to experience concentrated study in music, dance or visual art at 92Y’s School of the Arts.
  • Students who demonstrate interest and talent in the arts are nominated by classroom teachers and teaching artists who participate in 92Y’s Educational Outreach Programs.
  • Scholarships are awarded in dance, music or visual art on the basis of potential talent, students’ interest, parents’ commitment to facilitating children’s participation and financial need.
  • Students and parents are invited to observe open classes and take a tour of 92Y to learn more about its rich cultural and artistic history.
  • Students and parents are invited to concerts, performances and museum visits, in an effort to make learning through the arts a family venture and to fully experience 92Y’s community.