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A Lasting Legacy

When you give to 92Y, you impact the very way people access and engage with the arts, ideas, culture and community. You become part of a circle of people who are enriching the cultural fabric of the city — now, and for generations to come.

One way to ensure that our children and grandchildren can continue to benefit from all 92Y has to offer is to include 92Y in your estate plans. The 1874 Society, named for the year 92Y was founded, recognizes those individuals who have made a lifelong financial commitment to 92Y — by including a bequest, making 92Y a beneficiary of a trust, brokerage account or life insurance policy, or establishing a charitable gift annuity for the future benefit of 92Y.

We are grateful to our 1974 Society members and recognize them with invitations to special events. Members are listed in select 92Y publications. If you are interested in making plans for 92Y in your estate, please contact Gabrielle Mellett at 212.415.5730.


A Lifetime of Memories — Sol Berg's 92Y Story

“New York is the one and only place I put my roots down, and it was 92nd Street Y that helped me do it.”

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Sol and Gloria Berg

Sol Berg started coming to 92Y when he was 13. How does he remember the exact year? “I was looking through my bookcase and found a book I had received for my bar mitzvah, The Blueprint of Creation, by Rabbi Reuben Epstein, and the 92nd Street Y card was inside to mark something!” Sol’s life is filled with enough captivating stories to fill a book itself. Born in Germany, he escaped with his family in late 1938 and arrived in America in January 20, 1939. And while he’s lived many places since — including New York, New Jersey, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, St. Louis, Boston and Chicago — Sol maintains that “New York is the one and only place I put my roots down, and it was 92nd Street Y that helped me do it.”

For Sol, so many moments and memories are inextricably linked to 92Y. He met his wife of 59 years at one of 92Y’s Saturday night dances. “We were so squashed together that you really didn’t need to know how to dance,” he says. In addition to the dances, Sol also learned to bowl and play pool at 92Y. It’s also where he chose to spend his last Saturday evening before deploying overseas in 1952 to serve in the Korean War.

Now retired, Sol writes novels, short stories and screenplays. His novel Escape to Live and several short stories have been published, and he has a screenplay now making the rounds in Hollywood.

“92nd Street Y helped me grow up,” says Sol. “It shows you what a card can do.”

Life stories are built every day at 92Y! Your generosity helps keep our programs affordable to men, women and children of all ages and backgrounds. Thank you for giving.

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Full Steam Ahead for NYC Public Schools

“Making it possible for our students to move from imagination to execution through digital design is nothing short of a miracle.”

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While politicians continue to debate the best approach to fixing America’s education system and improving students’ math and science skills, real change is happening right here in New York City public schools, thanks to 92Y’s STEAM Program.

STEAM, which stands for learning grounded in science, technology, engineering, art and math, champions project-based creative learning to help prepare students for success in college and beyond with a strong understanding of these essential disciplines.

One school tapping the power of STEAM is TAPCo high school in the Bronx. Principal Ron Link worked with 92Y’s Educational Outreach Program to create a 3D digital design program that his students expertly used to design a multi-scene set for the school play. They also used the software to create a 3D digital blueprint for a rooftop garden at the school, which is close to becoming a reality. The school has raised $750,000 for the project — half the funds needed — and planning is full “steam” ahead as city council members and architects work off the plans created by the students using the 3D software.

“92Y has been a pivotal partner in helping our students realize their vision,” says Ron Link. “Making it possible for our students to move from imagination to execution through digital design is nothing short of a miracle.”

STEAM is a part of 92Y’s Educational Outreach Program, which, thanks to your generous gifts, is committed to bringing the highest-quality educational programming in the arts and sciences to NYC’s public schools. To learn more about 92Y’s Educational Outreach programs and the extraordinary things that are happening because of your support, visit 92Y.org/Outreach.

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"What Camp Means to Me" — A Summer Story

Every year, more than 1,000 kids experience the magic of summer through 92Y’s camps.

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For some deserving children, 92Y’s camp fees are out of reach. But thanks to the generosity of donors like you, we are able to offer more than $600,000 in scholarships for hundreds of families in need. Here’s a summer story from a 9th grade camper, in her own words …

My name is Elizabeth Benjuya and I have been attending Camp Yomi Seniors and Trailblazers for five summers. They have been filled with nothing other than unforgettable experiences, memories and friendships that I am hoping will last a lifetime.

Over the course of my 92nd Street Y camp time, I have grown up with the same girls. We consider each other sisters. A few girls I met at camp are from Israel, and although we do not live in the same country during the school year, we share a very close bond.

Whether it is an ordinary camp day filled with interesting activities, such as laser tag or color war, or an outstanding evening program, such as a dinner and a Broadway play, or a very special event, such as a trip outside of New York City for a whole week to see a place I have never been to, like Washington, DC, or Boston, I am always having the time of my life.

I think that 92Y camps have positively influenced the person I am today. So what have the camp years really meant to me? Strong friendships and unbreakable bonds, a nonstop explosion of excitement and fun, and a place that is impossible to leave, because camp feels like home to me.

Your generosity helps provide scholarships that enable talented youth like Elizabeth to attend 92Y’s camps and learn values and skill that will last a lifetime. Thank you for your support!

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A Message from Henry Timms

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Dear Friends,

At a donor event earlier this year, member of our Himan Brown Senior Center (and a supporter of our work) told us what she loves most about 92Y.

“Everyone here is young.”

What she meant was that whether you are literally young, or simply metaphorically so, one of the great services of 92Y is that we allow our community members to renew themselves. This is true whether you are picking up an old skill, mastering a new language, starting a family, coping with loss, heading to your first summer camp or attending your fortieth season of Lyrics & Lyricists. This, of course, is not just a 92Y tradition, but a Jewish one.

This spirit of renewal must always infuse our programming. When we were planning the High Holidays services, we asked: How can we reach out further across the world? How can we bring people from diverse communities and locations together around the simple ideas of reflection and renewal? This year, in addition to reaching thousands of people through the livestream, we sent a #NewYearPrayer around the world, convened a global rabbis’ discussion on HuffPo Live, and shared a video reflection from Rabbi Rubinstein that was seen by more than 112,000 people.

Of course, none of this would be possible without donors like you. On behalf of everyone at 92Y, please accept our profound gratitude for your support.

I look forward to seeing you at 92Y.

Henry Timms
Executive Director

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Shaping the Future of Ceramics with Virtual Clay

“It’s information and community, facilitated through technology.”

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92Y’s digital platforms enable people all over the world to access programs at any time.

Like 92Y Virtual Clay, an innovative technology developed by Bobby Silverman, 92Y’s director of ceramics, and Howard Levine, the Claire B. and Lawrence A. Benenson Director of 92Y’s Milstein/ Rosenthal Center for Media and Technology. 92Y Virtual Clay brings the global ceramics community together for live lectures and collaboration.

“What Bobby has created with Virtual Clay is amazing, and it’s all his vision,” says Helen Chardack, a supporter of Virtual Clay who has been doing ceramics at 92Y for many years. “He’s always wanted to take the Ceramics Center at 92Y to the next level, and engage the wider ceramics world. Virtual Clay enables the entire community to have a conversation and move the field forward. It’s information and community, facilitated through technology.”

Innovations like Virtual Clay are made possible only through the generous support of people like you. Your support allows us to expand virtual and on-demand classes to other program areas and connect more communities around the world.

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A Goldmine for the Golden Years — Himan Brown Senior Center Members Sandy and Fran Kay

“It’s like my retirement clubhouse — an anchor.”

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Sandy and Fran Kay

Himan Brown Senior Center members Sandy and Fran Kay love 92Y so much, living within walking distance of 92nd and Lexington was very important to them when they moved to Manhattan from Rockland County.

“One of the great things about 92Y,” says Sandy, a semiretired attorney, “is that always you will find something here that interests you.”

Sandy and Fran are engaged with everything from music appreciation classes, to current-events and political discussion groups, to art to fitness classes at Himan Brown, to playing cards, to taking in many daytime and evening events. They also enjoy attending services during the High Holidays.

For Fran, a fully retired registered nurse, coming to 92Y is also a sort of homecoming. She lived in the 92Y Residence when she was in school in the 1960s. “It was a clean, safe place for a young single person; now it’s a great place for a retired person,” she says. “It’s like my retirement clubhouse — an anchor.”

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92Y Concerts Schools Project

Bringing classical music to NYC’s public schools … and bringing students and teachers to 92Y’s Kaufmann Concert Hall

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Your gift makes it possible for us to create the world-class performances you enjoy on our stage. And it supports all the programs you don’t see — like our new Concerts Schools Project.

Launched just last season, the Concerts Schools Project serves students in NYC public high schools.

We create classroom workshops, and bring students and their teachers to the concerts here at 92Y. For most of the 200 students in the program, it’s the first time they’ve ever heard a live classical performance.

And there’s more: They meet the artists for dinner and discuss their passion for music. And afterwards, we invite them back for more concerts — all free of charge.

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How to Give

Everything we do depends on the support of donors like you—and every gift makes a big difference.
If you would like to support us—or increase your support—we look forward to working with you to find the most meaningful and rewarding way you can do so.

We look forward to talking with you soon.