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Recording and Photographing Events and Programs

Broadcast crews and press photographers are welcome at 92nd Street Y. But there are a few things to keep in mind.

Our primary responsibility is to our patrons and to our speakers and performers, so crews and photographers need to be as unobtrusive and respectful of them as possible.

It's best to contact us before the day of an event so that we have time to secure the necessary permissions — from speakers or performers, from class participants and/or from parents of minors — and to make the necessary technical and security arrangements.

While we want to help you with your story, we also want your viewers/listeners/readers to know that the great event or rewarding activity they are learning about took place at 92nd Street Y. That's why we ask that 92Y be properly credited during the segment or in the photo caption with the phrase "92nd Street Y, New York City" and / or the voiceover "New York's 92nd Street Y."

A publicist will meet your crew, escort them through the building and be on hand to facilitate your visit.


92nd Street Y has two beautiful theaters that host spoken word events and concerts. The ground floor Kaufmann Concert Hall is a 904-seat proscenium theater and Buttenwieser Hall, on the second floor, is a more intimate space with 280 seats. 92Y occasionally uses two other rooms for speakers and performances, Weill Art Gallery and Warburg Lounge, both on the ground floor.

TV & Radio

All of these spaces are governed by the rules of the Theatrical Stage Employees Union (Local No. One IATSE, AFL-CIO), of which 92Y's stagehands are members. This means that there may be a fee to tape in these spaces, and there may be a limit to how much of an event may be broadcast.

If you represent a news show (per the union, "news" refers to a specific set of programs classified as such by the Actors' Equity Association) and your equipment is self-contained, i.e., you are not plugging into our sound system and do not require light checks or other assistance from our crew, there is no fee. Spoken word events may be recorded in their entirety and up to 3 minutes may be aired; music events have a cap of 30 minutes for recording and 3 minutes for airtime.

If you represent a non-news show and/or you wish to broadcast more than 3 minutes of an event, there is a union-mandated buyout fee, which covers the crew cost for the entire event.

If your equipment is not self-contained, i.e., you are plugging into our sound system (or require light checks or other assistance from our crew), you can get a direct audio feed from our sound system. Again, the Theatrical Stage Employees Union (Local No. One IATSE, AFL-CIO), of which 92Y's stagehands are members, dictates that there be a plug-in fee.

Note: A radio producer's best bet is to request a broadcast quality tape in advance. We will be happy to get the tape to you the following afternoon so long as you satisfy the Actor's Equity requirements regarding news and non-news shows. If you prefer to record the event yourself, keep in mind that, per Actors' Equity, news shows and public radio shows may use up to three minutes of an event at no cost, but non-news programs may need to pay a fee, as will any program wishing to air a 92Y event in its entirety.


Still photographers are welcome at 92Y events, but there are a few caveats. You must be on assignment from a recognized media outlet, your producer or editor must have contacted us in advance and you must be prepared to show proper press credentials. Out of respect for our audiences, flash photography is not allowed during spoken word events and concerts; we ask that you "blimp" (muffle) your camera while shooting and keep a low profile so as not to distract from the program.

The primary shooting location is the back of the house. If arranged in advance, photographers may be able to shoot some events from the balcony in the case of Kaufmann Concert Hall. Photographers may also be able to shoot some events from the front of the house, generally for a limited at the beginning of the event, but only with advance permission from the press office. Photographers are not permitted to shoot from their seats. Please note that fire-safety regulations prohibit shooting in the aisles. Last, a publicist must be present when press photographers are in the venue.


Other 92Y Facilities

Our fitness center has a diverse clientele working out in visually arresting settings many of which allow both floor-level and balcony filming. These locations include weight rooms, fitness studios and basketball and racquetball courts; Cardio Court, our 5,000-square-foot cardiovascular workout studio, with 72 pieces of equipment; Massage Therapy; a brand new, large foyer with a café, Café 92, and pro shop; and saunas, steam rooms and sleek new locker rooms. For safety reasons, filming is not permitted in the pool area.

92Y also has dance, music and art studios where patrons of all ages stretch their creative muscles, and many other colorful settings.

You are welcome to record activities at any of these locations so long as our teachers and patrons are comfortable with your doing so. We will make every effort to accommodate both your wishes and those of program participants; in many cases, we can arrange for people to move to a designated area of the room that becomes off-bounds to photographers and broadcast crews.

While there are generally no fees for shooting or recording in these locations, we do require that 92Y be properly credited.

Still photographers are subject to the rules listed above.

You can make arrangements to photograph or record events by contacting us at 212.415.5450 / email