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Know your flower arrangement down to the very last bud, but have no idea which Ketubah (Jewish wedding contract) is right for you?

Warned your best man repeatedly not to talk about that time in college but have no clue as to what “circling” is? Have better a relationship with your wedding planner than a soon to be in-law? Booked your bachelor party to Las Vegas, but have no idea as to what vows you’ll recite?

Get ready for your big day and beyond with 92Y’s Wedding Bootcamp! Taking a page from the Sheva Brachot (the traditional seven blessings recited at a Jewish wedding ceremony), Wedding Bootcamp is a fun seven-week “boot camp” for Jewish couples en route to marriage taught by Rabbi Hayley Siegel. Classes take place on Tuesday evenings, from 7:30 pm-9:30 pm at 92nd St. Y and will cover the following topics:

  • Week 1 (Jan 12) – Peace in the Home (Shalom Bayit)
    Give your marriage the best possible start by learning how Jewish observances like Shabbat, and values, such as hospitality (Haknasat Orchim), gratitude (Hakarat Ha’tov) and good heartedness (menschlekite) have the power to build a stronger, happier, healthier and livelier home and family.
  • Week 2 (Jan 19) – Basics of the Jewish Wedding (Yesodot shel Hatunah)
    Have your heart set on a traditional ceremony? Thinking about something more out of the box? This class will teach you everything you’ve wanted to know about the traditions and customs of Jewish wedding ceremony. We’ll explore the fascinating history, origins and deeper meanings behind such rituals as circling, the Ketubah (Jewish marriage contract), Chuppah (wedding canopy), the breaking of the glass. We’ll also learn new ways to interpret and adapt these time held rituals.
  • Week 3 (Jan 26) – Money Matters & Charitable Giving (Tzedakah)
    According to our sages, tzedakah (charity or charitable giving) is a cornerstone of every Jewish home. We’ll dive into the role of tzedakah as well as study our sages’ strategies for gaining confidence in one’s personal finances.
  • Week 4 (Feb 2) – Honoring Family (Kibud Mishpacha)
    Whether your interactions with family (or soon to be family) have been smooth sailing or more like a rocky road, every couple can benefit from learning how to build strong, healthy and meaningful relationships with one's family and future family. This class will also give you the skills to address and overcome common family related wedding stresses.
  • Week 5 (Feb 9) – Intimacy (Yediah)
    Intimacy, both emotional and physical, are crucial parts of marriage, and (luckily!) our tradition has never been bashful about offering wisdom in this department.
  • Week 6 (Feb 16) – Wellness (Shmirat HaGuf & Shmirat HaNeshamah)
    A healthy marriage begins with a healthy mind and spirit! Learn Jewish mindfulness techniques to offset stress and get the lowdown from our sages about exercising. Part of this session will take place at 92nd St. Y’s premier fitness facility, the May Center for Health, Fitness & Sport, so bring your sneakers, exercise clothes and your A game.
  • Week 7 (Feb 23) – Acts of Loving-Kindness & Repair of the World (Gemilut Chasadim & Tikkun Olam)
    Mazel tov! You made it to the finish line! Explore how your special day can be a source of joy, inspiration and hope to others.

Please contact Rabbi Hayley Siegel (email) with any questions.

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