1) Q: How is the Ticket Minimum determined?

A: The Ticket Minimum is different for every Event and depends on several variables, including day of week, date, time, venue and the technical requirements of the Event. Generally, the Ticket Minimum is between 50-65 tickets.

2) Q: What if the Ticket Minimum is not met?

A: 92Y will remove the Event Page from its site, contact the Event Promoter and all Ticket Buyers and refund all Ticket Buyer Purchases in full.

3) Q: What if the Ticket Minimum is met?

A: Once the Ticket Minimum is met, 92Y will continue to offer tickets to your event until the capacity of the venue is reached.

4) Q: How will I know if the Ticket Minimum for an Event I’m attending has been met?

A: You will see the status of the event on the Event Page, plus all patrons who have reserved tickets will receive an email confirmation from 92Y confirming the Event date, time and venue after the Ticket Minimum is met, and no less than 5 days prior to the Event date.

5) Q: Will I be able to choose the venue where my Event will be held?

A: No. 92Y will select the most appropriate venue for your Event based on the needs of the Event and other programming at 92Y.

6) Q: How can I promote my Event?

A: 92Y has added email, facebook and twitter sharing on the Event Page we create for you, but we encourage all Event Promoters to spread the word about their Event using all of their resources. All Event promotions and advertising are the responsibility of the Event Promoter. 92Y will not promote or endorse your Event.

7) Q: Why is the Ticket Minimum deadline days before the Event?

A: After the deadline, 92Y works with the Promoter to finalize all Event details and logistics.

8) Q: Are tickets refundable?

A: If an Event does not meet the Ticket Minimum, the ticket price and service fees will be automatically refunded to the card used to purchase tickets.

9) Q: How long does it take to confirm an Event?

A: 92Y will confirm or decline your Event within 5 business days.

10) Q: Will I receive anything for being an Event Promoter?

A: Event Promoters are not entitled to any of the revenue from a YourStage event at 92Y.

11) Q: Can I give away or underwrite the cost of tickets to my Event?

A: Yes. 92Y will work with Event Promoters to create a discount offer to attendees. A minimum guarantee of the underwriting fee is due to 92Y prior to the Event going on sale.

12) Q: Can my event be private?

A: Yes.  92Y can provide a private link to the Event page that you can share with your potential attendees. This Event page will not be accessible directly from the YourStage page on 92Y.org.  If an event is made private, the Event Promoter is still responsible for meeting the Ticket Minimum.