Charitable Gift Annuity

With a charitable gift annuity, you can help 92nd Street Y flourish for future generations—and receive tax-advantaged, assured payments during your lifetime. Continuing uncertainty in financial markets means you may want to consider the benefits of completing a gift annuity now.

As 92nd Street Y's charitable gift annuities are managed by the UJA Federation, they are backed by the UJA's endowment and guaranteed for the length of the donor's life. In exchange for your irrevocable gift, the UJA will pay you (or one or two others of your choice) fixed payments each year for life. The older you or your designated recipients are when you make the gift, the higher the amount the UJA can pay.

You may also establish a deferred gift annuity, with payments starting at least one year after you make your gift. The higher rates available for deferred gift annuities are often an attractive way to supplement future retirement earnings.

In most cases, part of each payment to you is tax-free, increasing its after-tax value. If you are the annuitant of a gift annuity you establish with appreciated property, you are liable for only part of the capital gains tax; in addition, the tax you do pay may be spread out over many years.

For a personalized gift annuity profile or information about how a gift annuity can benefit you and 92nd Street Y, please call 212.415.5678 / email.

Planned gifts like Charitable Gift Annuities entitle donors to membership in
92nd Street Y Partners, a group of generous individuals who have chosen to remember the institution in their estate plans.

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