Support Us

Support Us

What does 92Y mean to you?

Is it the thrill of a world class concert or dance performance? The power of ideas inspired by our talks? The joy of a Jewish life fulfilled? Finding your muse at our School for the Arts? Keeping fit at our May Center? 

It may be one of these things … or all of them! But one thing is certain: 
To do all that we do—we need YOUR financial support.

You see, tickets, classes and program fees covers only 70% of our costs. The rest is up to you. And when you give back, you can touch someone’s life in a profound way:

  • Keeping an elder in our community independent and engaged
  • Giving a New York City youngster her only encounter with art, music and literature
  • Providing a child with a life-changing summer camp experience

Giving is easy! Give online today … or mail your gift to:
Friends of 92Y, 1395 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10128

You can also underwrite a program … support a scholarship … or make a bequest.

As you think about what 92Y means to you—keep in mind what you mean to us. You’re our friend, our patron, our student, our congregation, our community. Please be generous and invest in what you treasure—support 92Y today!

For additional information about supporting 92Y, please email or call 212.415.5755.

Your Support Makes a Difference

Donations to 92Y can do so much, like:

  • $50 Connect two people to their faith and heritage by enabling them to share a Shabbat dinner together.
  • $75 Empower a new parent with a Baby and Toddler CPR and Safety Class.
  • $100 Subsidize a computer class for five seniors to help them keep abreast of new technologies.
  • $250 Provide five middle school children with art classes for a month through our after-school program.
  • $360 Inspire two New York City Public School students with in-school dance classes taught by 92Y instructors for a year.
  • $500 Provide six personal training sessions for someone undergoing cardiac rehabilitation in the May Center.
  •  $1,000 Inspire 40 teens through a private question and answer session with a political or cultural leader.