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92Y School of the Arts is proud to offer learning opportunities lead by a community of renowned, highly-accomplished professional artists, designers, musicians, dancers, ceramicists and jewelers. A home for creative New Yorkers, 92Y School of the Arts is where the best and brightest creators come to share, teach and inspire.

Read on to learn more about the people that make 92Y School of the Arts the place where creative New Yorkers come to learn.

School of the Arts

Robert E. Gilson, Director

Art Center (Studio Art, Ceramics Center, Jewelry Center)

Anika Selhorst, Director, 92Y Art Center
Robert Silverman, Director, Ceramics Studio
Jonathan Wahl, Director, Jewelry Center
Allison Valchuis, Manager, Daytime Programs
Katie Shulman, Manager, After-school and Evening Programs
Anastasiya Gutnik, Weekend Administrator/Fine Arts Studio Technician
Bethany Pelle, Ceramics Studio Technician
Kim Zitzow, Jewelry Studio Technician
Denard Pope, Jewelry Studio Technician
Studio Art Instructors
Ceramics Instructors
Jewelry Instructors

Harkness Dance Center

John-Mario Sevilla, Director
Edward Henkel, Associate Director of Faculty & Presentations
Kathryn Wilkening, Assistant Director of Students & Dance Education Laboratory (DEL)
Catherine Tharin, Director, Fridays at Noon
Dawn Quigley, Program Coordinator & Schools Representative, Fridays at Noon
Amber Connors-Merino, Administrative Assistant
Caryn Cooper,
Weekend Manager
Dance Instructors

School of Music

Yana Stotland, Director, School of Music
Jennifer Davis, Manager, School of Music
Bridget Fitzgerald, Administrative Assistant
Music Instructors

Educational Outreach

Larisa Gelman, Director
Debra Kreisberg, Managing Director
Educational Outreach Instructors

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  • Art Center (Studio Art, Ceramics Center, Jewelry Center):
  • School of Music: 212.415.5580
  • Harkness Dance Center: 212.415.5552 
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