Devotional—Melissa Ahart / PDF
Selected by Marie Ponsot's Poetry Thesis Workshop

excerpt from 'Aina Waipahu: a history—Helen Dano / PDF
Selected from Cornelius Eady's Summer Poetry Workshop

Without Guardrails—Patricia Behrens / PDF
Selected from Emily Fragos' Poetry Workshop

show you love her—Ana C. H. Silva / PDF
Selected by Sharon Dolin's Poetry Workshop

She Wonders Why Bomb Light Leaves No Trees—Maya-Catherine Popa / PDF
Selected by Brenda Shaughnessy's Poetry Workshop

TORSO—Bo Niles / PDF
Selected by Rachel Hadas' Poetry Workshop

The Reckoner—K. Hazzard / PDF
Selected by David Yezzi's Poetry Workshop

Turn Off the Lights—Suzanna Best / PDF
Selected by Rachel Zucker's Poetry Workshop