About the Parenting Center

The 92nd Street Y Parenting Center retains a unique place in the array of programming available to families in our community.

As part of a world-renowned, non-profit cultural institution, the Parenting Center enriches families with all the resources of the 92nd Street Y. We are singled out by parents and professionals from around the world and continue to serve as a national model.

At the Parenting Center, infants, toddlers and preschoolers learn through play and exploration. We provide warm, caring environments for children where a sense of wonder can flourish. Our activities are carefully designed so that children enjoy themselves, use their imagination, play creatively and develop their cognitive skills.

Parenting Center programs strengthen the connection between children and their grown-ups. Families share and enjoy their Parenting Center experiences and take home the songs, games and activities they discover in our classes. We love to hear parents say, "My child sings our Parkbench songs all week long," or "We play tapping on the table wherever we go." Parents and caregivers leave our programs having shared their common experiences, ready with new ideas to try at home.

Family life is continually changing and Parenting Center programs evolve to meet these new needs and challenges. Through the years, we have added programs for working parents, caregivers, adopting families, older moms, parents of twins, grandparents, and fathers. We are here for all families – a new mother's group, a series of evening workshops, a phone call for help and support or many years of ongoing children's classes.

Parenting Center Staff

The Parenting Center offers its resources beyond the classroom.

Our staff is available for questions and concerns as parents make their way through the first years of family life. "When will my baby sleep through the night?" "Why does my child bite?" "How can we help our children get along?" Our staff is always ready and prepared to help parents discover the answers that work for them.

Our experienced staff welcomes children and their special grown-ups into our programs. We are knowledgeable, dedicated professionals skilled at forming relationships. Our staff is always available for support and encouragement for parents who call us with problems or concerns.

Sally Tannen, Director
Christine DeMichele, Administrative Coordinator


The Parenting Center is part of the 92nd Street Y Wonderplay™ program for early childhood education.

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