The May Center for Health, Fitness & Sport offers one of the finest swimming facilities in New York City. Our 25-yard pool is primarily used for recreational aquatics activities and is the first commercial indoor pool in New York State to be primarily disinfected by ozone.

This system of purification was chosen to supplement chlorine because of ozone's extraordinary ability to effectively purify water without side effects. Ozone purifies water and air very quickly and efficiently, 3,000 times faster than chlorine. Just as nature uses ozone to protect the earth, we can use ozone to protect ourselves from microorganisms in the pool. The result is crystal clear, purified water.

The pool's depth ranges from 3½-8 feet and water temperature is maintained at 82-84 degrees. American Red Cross certified lifeguards monitor pool activity at all times.

For the safety and enjoyment of all patrons, read our Pool Rules.

See our Adult Activities Schedule for the pool lane schedule.

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