What People Say

"...a wonderful stimulus for the Jewish community—for the different segments of the Jewish community. These are people we could never, never afford to get in Albuquerque." —Albuquerque, NM

"Berkshire South's mission is to build community. Live from NY's 92nd Street Y™ gives us a great opportunity to reach out and do that. Our community has loved the series of live lectures and embraced the opportunity to question the speakers with great enthusiasm. We are thrilled to be a part of this incredible lecture series. 92nd Street Y is so well respected and a pleasure to partner with. We have experienced terrific support from everyone we've worked with from 92Y. A bright, warm and supportive team of professionals compliment beautifully the first rate lectures."
—Berkshire South Regional Community Center, Great Barrington, MA

"The presenters in New York do a great job. You make us feel like we're a part of it. It's always fun when you welcome us."
—Omaha, NE

"The technology allows us to share with the best and the brightest."
—North Miami Beach, FL

"Now our community is not just about geography or faith. It's about the real community, the community of ideas."
—Counsel General of Canada

"Live from NY's 92nd Street Y™ is beautiful, simple and clean; it's about bringing people together and forming that global community."
—Counsel General of Canada

"I feel like I've seen the future. ... You have become a very valuable resource for us. Thank you."
—Utica, NY

"Though we are over 100 miles away from New York, our students felt that they were in attendance at 92nd Street Y. We filled a room with almost 150 students and you could have heard a pin drop during the lecture. Ms. Ensler was a superb speaker who raised issues that resounded with our students. I would recommend live satellite broadcasts of speakers to any department or program in order to bring speakers to a campus that would otherwise be unavailable. For a very reasonable cost, our students had access to an amazing evening at 92nd Street Y even as they were sitting in Newark, Delaware. Also, mentioning that we were participating in this live satellite broadcast was important to our students, since it made them aware that they were a part of the proceedings. Similarly, using the questions that they submitted in live time also made them feel that the geographic distance was not an insurmountable barrier to full participation in the event. We would recommend the use of live satellite broadcasts to any and all women's studies programs and departments that wish to broaden their students' opportunities for learning. Thank you for arranging this wonderful experience for our students."
—University of Delaware

"Live from NY's 92nd Street Y™ had a far-reaching impact for one temple in Southwest Florida, earning accolades and tremendous support from both our temple community and the surrounding community. This exceptional speaker series established a new live social and political programming venue for the Naples community, set an all-time annual temple record in funds raised for adult programming and enhanced awareness of Temple Shalom of Naples throughout the larger community, an area with a very modest Jewish presence. Involvement came in all forms: money, time and effort, resulting in nearly two thousand people attending during our premiere year, an impressive number in this small city. Not only did it bring to our sanctuary people who had never before been to a synagogue, but it brought together members of our congregation who had never before worked together. In addition, our presentations of Live from NY's 92nd Street Y™ have led to a newly formed partnership with two local universities for the upcoming year. We can't wait for the next season to begin!"
—Temple Shalom of Naples, FL

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