Quotations from Ford Fellows

Read what 2014 Ford Fellows have said about the program.

“This fellowship has given me the courage to think big. I am more comfortable with being vocal about my ideas, and it’s clearer how to present them. I now have what 92Y calls CREATIVE CONFIDENCE!” –Anonymous

“Thanks for this amazing contribution to the world! The fellowship has changed my life, and given a better shape of my future career. I am more aware of what I have to do to fulfill my role and my mission.”  –Anonymous

“The fellowship has given us an opportunity to know the world. All the activities were really meaningful and added a great value to my career and personal life.” –Anonymous

“I became a more mindful, thoughtful, and intelligent person because of this edifying and enlightening fellowship experience.” –Anonymous

“From the fellowship at 92Y, I am very proud to manage without hesitation. The program was a life enriching and powerful experience.” –Anonymous

“We were treated with energy, knowledge, and love that we will never forget. I have only one word to say right now: THANKS!” –Anonymous

“This is a real way to make dreams come true. I feel so special, thank you Ford, thank you 92Y!” –Anonymous

“92Y was amazing. It felt like a home, family, and community. There was so much love and support from everyone” –Anonymous

“Forming bonds with 22 other like-minded individuals working in various communities was invaluable. I have no words to express the value and meaning of the advice each of the people we met gave me.” –Anonymous

“Stepping out of the office environment and being able to participate in such a fantastic program has helped me revisit my work with the renewed passion and fresh eyes.” –Anonymous

“I couldn’t have hoped for a better experience, and the program surpassed my expectations and more! The fellowship was a total life changing experience.” –Anonymous

“It has been an honor to be a participant of this program. This fellowship gave me so much; it was a once in a lifetime experience.” –Anonymous

“This is a milestone in my life: new friends, new knowledge, and new perspective. I will go back home as a totally different person than I came.” –Anonymous

“I have learned about myself on three levels: personal, professional, and social. I feel very fortunate to have received the opportunity of participating in the fellowship.” –Anonymous

“The diversity of life and professional experiences each fellow brings to the program is one of the fellowships greatest strengths. The other fellows are pure treasure.” –Anonymous