Educational Outreach Programs

92nd Street Y's Educational Outreach Program empowers young people by making student involvement in the arts its primary goal.

92nd Street Y's Educational Outreach Program is deeply committed to the highest quality in arts education and to reintroducing the arts into the core curriculum of New York City's public schools.

Over the past 20 years, 92Y has dedicated significant resources to ensure that the arts remain accessible to everyone, and that children attending inner city schools grow up with the arts as a regular part of their lives.

92Y's arts programs are grounded in the belief that, in the moment of artistic creation, children discover their strength, vitality and voice. 92Y's Educational Outreach Program initiatives strive to reach New York City public school children through multiple avenues: direct, in-school instruction by professional teaching artists in dance, music, theater and visual art; professional development opportunities for teachers, parents and artists; original curriculum materials for teachers and students; live music, dance and theater performances at 92Y and other New York City venues. At the core of all Educational Outreach Program initiatives is the ideal of partnership between students, teachers, teaching artists and performing artists, creating an environment where entire school communities can become aware of and fulfill their own artistic potential.

As a global cultural and community center of the 21st century, 92Y has the expertise and resources to respond to a variety of children's developmental needs, and assist them in building new skills and talents that transfer to other areas of their lives. At the same time, we want to impart to children the principles and beliefs of this institution which serves all populations, but is deeply rooted in Jewish cultural values. These values include the traditional Jewish emphasis on study, love of ideas and creative expression, commitment to social justice and service and the fostering of individual and family development.

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To learn more about Educational Outreach programs, please contact:
Larisa Gelman, Director, 212.415.5576
Jessica Carleton, Assistant Director, 212.415.5748