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Ideal for readers approaching James Joyce’s masterwork for the first time, this seminar—offered on-site at 92Y and online—works through selected chapters of Ulysses, addressing difficulties and discovering what makes the novel resonate today. Students will use the Gabler edition for this course.

“Joyce knew how profound and complex the simple word yes could be,” Groden writes, “and how different it is each time it is uttered, whether by Molly Bloom throughout her monologue or by a reader throughout a lifetime of encounters with his novel. Studying Joyce’s manuscripts allowed that affirmation to become an imaginative connection with another mind at work; and opening the doors on my own privacy helps me better understand why many years ago I said to Ulysses that I would, yes, and over and over again have continued to say that I will, yes.”

For online students: our virtual campus is designed for interactivity and functions like a social media network. Students must have access to a personal computer, high-speed internet and a headset with microphone capability.


Brief Bio

Michael Groden is the author of Ulysses in Progress and the new Ulysses in Focus, the general editor of the James Joyce Archive, a recipient of an honorary DLitt degree from University College Dublin and Distinguished University Professor of English at the University of Western Ontario.

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