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Jewish Personal Resource Center

There are times we have questions. It doesn't have to be so complicated to get the answers.

Perhaps you:

...are getting married or having a baby and want to learn about the elements of a Jewish wedding or baby naming?

...want to feel more comfortable in the synagogue or increase your understanding of Jewish prayer?

...are anticipating a loss and want to know about the Jewish way of death and mourning?

...want to host or lead a Passover Seder and don't know where to begin?

The Bronfman Center for Jewish Life has established the Jewish Personal Resource Center (JPRC) to offer targeted, personalized Jewish resources. JPRC addresses the needs of those who may not yet have found their place within Jewish community institutions. The goal of JPRC is to provide the knowledge, meaning, background, skills—the answers—to your Jewish questions in an open and convenient format. JPRC is not meant to replace synagogue affiliation. Rather, it is to offer tools, teaching and guidance personally formulated to empower a meaningful Jewish life and understanding; to help you navigate your own path into the Jewish community.

For more information or an initial consultation, call Rabbi Paulette Posner, Director of the Resource Center for Jewish Diversity, at 212.699.7204 or email JPRC with any questions.