Derekh Torah™: The Way of Torah An Introduction to Judaism for Adults

An excellent class for Interfaith Couples, individuals who are curious about Conversion or for Jews who want to learn more about Judaism

To register for this class, please contact Rabbi Paulette Posner, Director of the Resource Center for Jewish Diversity, at 212.699.7204 / email.

"I really think this was a once-in-a-lifetime, irreplaceable experience."
Derekh Torah™ student

Do you want to better understand your partner’s Jewish heritage? Do the two of you have questions about faith and family? Are you curious about Conversion? Or are you Jewish and do you just want learn more about Judaism? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, we have the class for you.

Derekh Torah is a 30-week course designed for non-Jews who wish to have a greater understanding of Judaism, and for Jews who seek a deeper connection with their heritage. Topics include ethics, theology, the Sabbath and holidays, prayer, dietary laws, life cycle events (such as weddings, mourning rituals and birth ceremonies), the Jewish people and Israel.

Classes of approximately 18 people meet one evening per week with one instructor throughout the program, usually in a private home in a relaxed atmosphere. Sessions are supplemented with two Sabbath or holiday meals. Our Rabbi is available to meet privately with those wishing to further discuss questions of religious identity.

For non-Jewish participants, Derekh Torah™ can serve as preparation for conversion to Judaism. We do not require a commitment to convert at any point in the program, however we can advise those who wish to convert on how to engage in this process.

Whether you are interdating, intermarried, curious about converting or you are Jewish and you want to learn more about Judaism, Derekh Torah is the class for you.

For those enrolling in Derekh Torah™ within the context of a relationship, we recommend that both partners participate. An informal interview is required prior to enrollment. Please contact Rabbi Paulette Posner, Director of the Resource Center for Jewish Diversity, at 212.699.7204 or email for information or to schedule an interview.

Payment plans and scholarship assistance are available. In case of early withdrawal, an 80% refund will be granted through the fifth class. After that, no refunds will be granted.

Classes meet weekly from 7:30-9:30 pm

New classes form monthly.

Derekh Torah™ Graduates: email to learn about new Derekh Torah™ resources.