92Y After-School Programs

92Y After-School Programs

92Y After-school Programs, Noar for elementary age children (K-6th grade) and ATiD Jewish Education for Kids on Monday afternoons for children K-8, offer enrichment, an expert staff of teachers, coaches and counselors and a wide array of activities for a safe, fun afternoon.

Learn more about each of our after-school options for your child and find the perfect place to relax, learn and make new friends when the school day is over!

92Y After-School Programs are offered during the school year, beginning Sep 10. Programs follow the public school calendar and the 92Y holiday calendar.

92Y Noar After-School
K-6th grade
Sep-Jun, Mon-Fri, 3-6 pm

92Y Noar After-School meets Mon-Fri from 3-6 pm. Children can attend 1-5 days a week and choose from an amazing array of activities including sports, art, design, music and dance for a full afternoon of fun, friend-making and enrichment. Tuition is based on the number of days and selection of programs and programs are organized by grade level. Snacks are provided and transportation and scholarships are available.

Visit 92Y.org/Noar for more information or to sign up!


ATiD Jewish Education for Kids
K-8th grade
Sep-May, Mon, 4-6 pm

92Y ATiD is an innovative Jewish after-school program for children in grades K to 8. Through individualized, experiential teaching, our exceptional staff and leadership celebrate the joys of Jewish life through music, storytelling, dramatic play and textual study. 92Y Noar participants can choose Connect as one of their weekly activities.

Visit 92Y.org/Atid for more information or to sign up!

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