Susan Engel

Director, 92Y Talks

As director of lectures at 92Y, Susan acts as both curator and executive producer of 92Y’s world-renowned talks series, which presents some 250 leading speakers and thinkers each year from virtually every walk of life.

In the course of her 30-year tenure at 92Y, Susan has been a primary force in shaping the talks program and exponentially expanding the size and scope of 92Y’s spoken-word offerings, many of which are now available through digital channels and satellite broadcasts. 92Y’s lectures and conversations are now widely recognized as a premier forum for the best minds of our time – national and international political leaders; artists and entertainers; journalists; business leaders; scholars and many others – to engage in open dialogue on a huge range of topics.

A small sampling of those who have recently graced 92Y’s stage includes David Axelrod, Bono, Tina Brown, Chelsea Clinton, Colin Firth, Governor Jon Huntsman, Caroline Kennedy, Marissa Mayer, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, Amy Poehler, Daniel Radcliffe, Frank Rich, Dennis Ross, Anna Deavere Smith, Gloria Steinem, Jon Stewart, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Anna Wintour and Neil Young.

Susan has brought thousands of luminaries to 92Y and developed partnerships with many organizations that help to enhance the caliber and reach of our talks, including BloombergBusinessweek, Showtime, Thomson Reuters, the New York Comedy Festival and the World Science Festival. She has also developed popular, long-running conversation series with expert hosts and moderators including “In the News” with journalist Jeff Greenfield; “Reel Pieces” with Dr. Annette Insdorf; “World Politics” with author and Professor Ralph Buultjens (on world politics); and political satire with comedian Andy Borowitz. More recently, she has introduced new series with Jordan Roth (on theater), Fern Mallis (on fashion) and Caryn James (television), among others.

Susan has an MA in Jewish Studies from The Jewish Theological Seminary of America as well as an MS in Social Work (community organization concentration) from Columbia University.

Susan is the proud mother of two daughters, Shira an AmeriCorps service worker in Portland, Oregon and Eve, a sophomore at Muhlenberg College.