In the run up to Election 2012 and beyond, 92nd Street Y (92Y) is proud to launch the “Campaign for the American Conversation”. The Campaign will stimulate and celebrate civil and substantive discussion around our country’s biggest issues.

92Y has long been New York’s premiere cultural institution and platform for public conversation. Now this conversation will welcome a nationwide community of citizens who are looking for a higher level of dialogue—debate, not shouting; depth, not sound bites. Working with a range of significant partners and welcoming the voices of many online, we will ask the big questions: what can we do to get our country back on track? How can we return to national prosperity?



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  • State of the Economy
  • Life after 2012
  • Politics on the Edge

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  • Paul Krugman
  • Henry Timms
  • Asha Curran
  • The World in Review 

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