Redeeming Your Benefits

Welcome to the Wonderplay family! Now that you’ve become a member, what’s next?

Getting Started: Once you have purchased your membership, you will receive a confirmation email (or verbal confirmation if you purchased via phone or at the Box Office) that will include your patron ID.

This patron ID will also serve as your member ID number which will appear on your welcome letter and membership materials. Please keep a copy for your records.

Your patron ID can be used to:

1) Unlock classes available to you through Priority Registration. This is your opportunity to register for classes and events two weeks prior to the general public and five days before other priority buyers. Once you sign in with your username and password, our system will recognize your membership and unlock your priority registration classes for purchase. Keep your patron ID handy, in the event that you are a new user setting up a first-time account, or have trouble remembering your username and password

2) Unlock your special discounted Wonderplay Pricing. Whenever you purchase a class online, in person or over the phone, please sign in using your username and password, which is connected to your patron ID. Our system will recognize your membership, and reveal your discounted pricing options.

3) Grant you access to our parent’s chat room.

What to expect in the coming weeks: Once you have purchased your membership, you can start purchasing classes and events right away. Within a few weeks, you will receive your complimentary gift and membership package in the mail, containing your member card, gift certificate, passes and other membership materials.

Purchasing classes, events and workshops: Wonderplay classes, events and workshops can be purchased online, where you save 50% on service fees, over the phone or at the Box Office. Simply sign in with your username and password, or give your patron ID to your customer service representative, and your special discounted pricing will be revealed. Restrictions do apply, so please feel free to call any of the below numbers if you have a question about what is included, or need assistance choosing the programs that are the best fit for you and your family.

The Parenting Center: 212.415.5611
Kids Sports, Fitness, Aquatics & Gymnastics: 212.415.5700
Shababa Community and Jewish Family Programs: 212.415.5770
Visual Art Classes: 212.415.5562
Music Classes: 212.415.5580
Dance Classes: 212.415.5553