Creative Writing and Literature Classes at 92Y

First-time writer?

Start writing in our open-enrollment workshops! No submission required.

Take your craft to the next level

Turn the next page of your writing career. Apply for advanced workshops in Poetry, Fiction and Memoir, or a one-session intensive master class.

Check each master class page for its deadline. For information on summer workshops with Myla Goldberg, Nell Freudenberger, Emily Fragos and others, please visit us in April.

For the scholar in you

Rediscover the books you cherished as a child, read the towering classic you always meant to, or fall for a new literary love in our college-style seminar courses.

Scholarships available for all classes. For advanced courses, applications must be received by manuscript deadline. For details, visit 92Y’s Scholarship Program.

For questions about the Writing Program, call 212.415.5760 or email us.

Writing Program