Get individual and personalized training in a small group environment with the new POWER series.

Energy-packed, these 8 student classes are structured to be progressive and include high-intensity interval training, weightlifting, pylometrics and circuit training. Work out with tools like TRX, kettlebells, slam balls, battle ropes and plyo-boxes. Challenge yourself! Build and tone with the POWER community.

June Pricing* (ends June 30th)
2 One-hour sessions per week, 8 sessions, $199
1 One-hour sessions per week, 4 sessions, $120

July Pricing* 
2 One-hour sessions per week, 8 sessions, $249
1 One-hour sessions per week, 4 sessions, $150

Standard Pricing* 
2 One-hour sessions per week, 8 sessions, $320
1 One-hour sessions per week, 4 sessions, $180

Rate-lock Guarantee!

*Plus, bonus day Fridays !
Registered students receive a complimentary workout
with Fitness Director, Mark Koester, every Friday at 11am, 12pm and 6:00pm

Online registration coming soon! Sign up now by email or call 212.415.5746


Total Body Boot Camp
Mon 6:30am & Tue 8:30am

No guts, no glory in this total-body workout! This class incorporates drills designed to enhance agility, speed, power, strength and quickness. Move around the room to a number of different stations, each designed for a specific exercise.

Wed 7:30am

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is an enhanced form of interval training that alternates periods of short, intense aerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. This fat-burning workout improves not only glucose metabolism, but also tone and condition.

Trainers Unleashed-Foundations of an Athlete, Level 1
Mon & Wed 6:30pm

Build the foundations needed by an athlete through a series of core, cardio and stabilization exercises, with a few twists along the way.Get a sneak peek of class here

Get a sneak peek.

Trainer’s Unleashed-BEAST MODE
Mon & Wed 7:30pm

Do you have enough control of body to train in the dark? Strength, focus, balance are all tested and built in this high-intensity training class. Push your body and mind to the limits and unleash your inner strength.

Ultimate Intervals
Tue & Thu 6:30pm

Alternating strength-training exercises with aerobic activities, this class gives you two workouts in one. Intervals of cardio drills and muscle-conditioning exercises are combined, giving you a workout that’s fun, always changing and high energy. Tools used in class include jump ropes and free weights.

Get a sneak peek.

Fitter in Four Weeks
Mon & Wed 7pm

Utilizing proven fitness techniques to swiftly and safely shift body composition from fat to firm, learn how to tighten and tone muscles, rev up metabolism, and slim and sculpt your body. Perfect for all fitness levels, from athletes to seniors!

Strength Conditioning Circuit

Tue & Thu 7:30pm

Through weight-bearing and resistance exercise, work major muscle groups; build strong, defined muscle; and increase physical strength. Complete this circuit training and capitalize on the thermogenic calorie-burn effect that occurs postworkout. Push past your limits and reach the next level in our POWER system’s strength and conditioning circuits.

Get a sneak peek.

Stability Ball Challenge
Sat 11am

One of the most versatile pieces of equipment used today is the stability ball. This dynamic workout challenges your core stability and increases flexibility. Burn calories and tone your entire core system, all while having fun!

Payne and Gain
Mon & Wed 12pm

Fun and fresh routines that challenge and motivate; workout with certified personal trainer Kaylin Payne

Thu 11am

This total-body workout is a form of resistance training using TRX bands. Perform a variety of exercises that leverage gravity and your body weight, building core strength and muscle. Perfect for all fitness levels, from pro athletes to seniors!

Tue & Thurs 7:30am

This limit-pushing high-intensity workout takes you to your next level in fitness. This class is designed to test your limits and see what you are made of.


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