Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal training at 92Y May Center is all about you: your life, your interests, and your goals. Our team of certified personal trainers is handpicked for their outstanding credentials and commitment to training and fitness. Every personal training program starts by taking a closer look at your health and lifestyle. Your trainer will then provide you with a roadmap to success and structure your workouts to inspire, benefit, and challenge you. Recent training equipment additions include Technogym equipment, Kettlebell Training programs, as well as TRX Suspension Training, a bodyweight-based portable training tool that builds strength, balance, flexibility and core stability for people of all fitness levels.

May Center Member Patrick Berquist shares his experience with his personal Trainer.

Why 92Y May Center?

Our program offers a complimentary fitness assessment and guided workout from talented motivators and educators in personal training. Administered by our personal training staff, this introduction allows our trainers to connect with you on a personal level and establish a program that will compliment your lifestyle and give you the tools to get results.

Our trainers are dedicated, service-oriented fitness professionals who take great pride in their work and derive personal satisfaction from seeing each client succeed. They provide a friendly and focused approach to help you succeed in reaching your personal fitness goals.

Private Pricing and Package Options

Work with personal trainers who have broad knowledge in delivering one-on-one strength, endurance and conditioning exercise programs focused on your success. Choose from a diverse mix of skilled trainers providing Basic, Specialized, Pro Training or Wellness options.


Trainers have broad knowledge in delivering one-on-one strength, endurance, and conditioning workouts.
60 minute sessions: 4 pack: $328 10 pack: $800 20 pack: $1,500

Jessica Hanson

Specialized Trainers

Trainers have experience with postural and movement assessment, functional training, post-rehabilitation, sport-specific training and at least one advanced certification in a specialized area.
60 minute sessions: 4 pack: $340 10 pack: $830 20 pack: $1,560

Marcin Karman

Daniel Sierra

Janelle Sanchez

Adesoji James

Kaylin Payne

Pro Trainers

Trainers have advanced knowledge and extensive practical experience building customized workout that may include postural movement assessment, corrective exercise, post-rehabilitation and sport-specific training. Trainers have at least two advanced certifications in specialized areas, which may include medical specialties.
60 minute sessions: 4 pack: $352 10 pack: $860 20 pack: $1,640

Barbara Bentley

Cliff Turner

Jenny Vazquez

Kenny Watts

Rose Tirado

Doreen Coghlan

Wellness Training

Trainers are experienced in Includes Pilates Reformer and mat therapy. Ideal for those with advanced training goals or special needs, where expert supervision is imperative. For more information and to schedule appointments, call 212.415.5734.
60 minute sessions: 4 sessions: $445 10 sessions: $1080 20 sessions: $2050

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