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What is genius? Celebrities, experts and members
of the 92Y community weigh in.

Child Prodigies: Tanishq & Tiara Abraham

IDEO: What is creativity?

Youth Think Tank: The Next Big Ideas from the Next Generation.

The Genius of Rube Goldberg with Jennifer George, Al Jaffee, Adam Gopnik and Brian Walker.

Nerd Nite with Neil Janowitz, David Shuff and Dr. Ali Mattu.

The Genius Debate: Identifying the Origins of Genius.

On the 7th Day: Spiritual Genius and the Sabbath.

David Brooks: Genius, God and Morality.

The (Neuro) Science of Genius with Michio Kaku, Antonio Damasio, JoAnn Deak and Robert Krulwich.

Walter Isaacson on the Innovative Genius of Ben Franklin, Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs.

The Genius of the Start-Up with Jonathan Medved and Barbara Corcoran.

Dr. Gail Saltz and David Kohn, PhD: On Darwin.

Ralph Buultjens on Political Genius: The Perils of Power & World Leaders Today.

Music and the Brain with Vijay Iyer, Mark Steinberg, Ian Quinn and Hanna Arie-Gaifman.

Actress, author and comedian Julia Sweeney on hating the word genius.

Musician Harold O’Neal and entrepreneur Peter Sims on why defining genius also limits it.

Andrew Mangino, co-founder of The Future Project, on finding the “spark of genius” inside everyone.

New School professor of education Natalia Mehlman Petrzela on cultivating our genius muscles.

Author Gary Shteyngart on the genius of New York City (and his dog).

Dr. Oz, surgeon and tv personality, on the genius of quiet moments and brain relaxation.

David Shenk, bestselling author of The Genius in All of Us, on how Mozart became Mozart.

David Shenk on what geniuses give up.

David Shenk on a new understanding of genes and genius.

Fern Mallis, creator of NY Fashion Week, on geniuses in politics, tech and fashion.

Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi on the genius of dancer Mark Morris and artist Mike Kelley.

Cognitive scientist Scott Barry Kaufman on following your own path to creativity and genius.

Scott Barry Kaufman on why passion is key to genius.

Scott Barry Kaufman on how daydreaming can lead to moments of genius.

Erin McCarthy, managing editor of, shares 3 little-known facts about Nobel Prize winning scientist Marie Curie.

From instrument inventor to Hall of Fame swimmer, here are three little-known facts about Benjamin Franklin from managing editor Erin McCarthy.

What do dog leashes, bulletproof vests and paper bags all have in common?'s Erin McCarthy on four things you might not realize were invented by women.

What didn’t you know about the father of E=mc2? Find out as’s Erin McCarthy shares three little-known facts about Albert Einstein.

Members of 92Y’s Himan Brown Senior Program share their thoughts on the topic of genius.


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