Learn about the interactive installations at 92nd Street Y



IDEO's Fauxtobooth

We all know how to get creative in a photobooth -- make funny faces and do silly poses for the camera. How might we take that a step farther? What if the camera got creative too?

It seems familiar at first -- step into a private compartment, press a button, and wait for your image to appear. Yet, thanks to a little twist, reactions to The Fauxtobooth are never short of surprised, delighted and inquisitive. Just wait until you experience it for yourself and learn the secret of its inner-workings!




IDEO's House of Genius

The House of Genius, in 92Y’s lobby, allows the public to add their genius ideas to a growing “House of Cards”-style installation. House of Genius asks passersby, “What does an everyday moment of genius look like?” and “What’s next for Genius?” As people respond to these questions – in words or pictures – on one of the available interlocking cards (evoking Eames’ iconic House of Cards), both a physical structure and a range of ideas develop; each response builds on and reacts to the existing structure.

In this way, we build on each other’s ideas and create a snapshot of what genius looks like to us. As the House of Genius is built, we’ll see what takes shape, both figuratively and literally.

IDEO is an award-winning global design firm.